( Sonos)SetMasterVolume doesn't change the volume of paired boxes for TTS Voice anymore

I used to be able to change the volume of the TTS voice using the setMasterVolume( Float or Percent value) command.
Trying it now again (on #627) the command doesn’t have an effect anymore.
The getMasterVolume command returns the value I have set, but it does not change the volume.
The speakers volume does change to a different value for the TTS output and back to the original one after the spoken text, so there has to be another way/value the change that.
[Edit]:Did some more testing, which showed that setMasterVolume doesn’t work for grouped Sonos Players. I’m not sure if that effects Sonos devices only.

For your information, you have a channel to define the volume used for sound notification (TTS is one case of sound notification).

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:flushed: That didn’t come into my mind.

However, when initially testing it, setMasterVolume did work on my stereo pair. I had lots of tries there, because I didn’t know the syntax ( either use 10F, for float or New Percentage (10)).

I’ll try to use that channel on the weekend.