Spirit z-wave plus vs. TechniSat Heizkörperthermostat 2

I found a copy/rebrand of the Eurotronics Spirit z-wave thermostat “made” by TechniSat.

As both looks nearly identical but the TechniSat is more expensive my question if someone knows the difference. My spirits have sometimes a hang with fully opened valve which let only stop by removing the batteries and reset the device. So I’m looking for alternatives.

– Tolotos

Hi Tolotos,

I had a look on the documention and found nothing indicating this is a different device.
I have two of them working like a charm, even the pid control working from time to time not as expected.
I never had a hang or something similar, so I wondering about your problems.

There are also two Spirits operating in my house. I can confirm mine also sometimes don’t close when they should (rarely though and so far never both at the same time).
Then I usually turn them manually on and off again. Small problem but still annoying as hell, wasting energy and always making the WAF drop by a lot.
The display says “OFF” but the radiator keeps heating at full power. Therefore a problem with the Z-Wave com can be excluded from the list of potential causes.

I confirm this issue. As we leave home sometimes for a couple of weeks, this means a huge problem for me: Imagine the valve being open for three weeks in full power position. The costs will be dramatical.

Still, the Spirit is the only valve that provides FLIRS up to now, and as I absolutely need this feature, I am currently a bit lost…

Sorry to revive this thread but I just got the ‘TechniSat Aufrüstpaket Energie’ which includes the Heizkörperthermostat 2. Were you able to add it as a device to OpenHAB? Mine keeps saying ‘unkown device’. I’m about to add it to the DB of cd jacksen by copying the entry of Eurotronics Spirit.

@Optik I have only the Spirits. Maybe some others bought the TechniSat valves.
– Tolotos