Spotify binding vs just using http?

I see spotify have now released an a web api allowing control of players!

It also allows device discovery, whats playing etc.

Now my initial thought is that this would be an amazing binding, but I saw a few messages previously recommending people just use the http bindings rather than creating API specific bindings which I totally understand, but this does somewhat increase the barrier to entry for a lot of users.

Perhaps it would be useful to have a wiki somewhere that people can contribute http based bindings (e.g. rules/items etc that have been added to support the api).

Or maybe this already exists!


Honestly, as long as we don’t have a good way to share all those different “http based bindings”, I really prefer pure java bindings. With the introduction of the IoT marketplace, you don’t even have to have a binding accepted into the core before being able to distribute it to other people:

I created a python-based integration here:

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Hi man, is this working with the standard or premium Spotify account?