Spotify Binding with Chromecast offline

Hey there!
I finally got the Spotify binding running and it kind of works :smiley:
The problem is i use a Chromecast, and when it turns into Inactivity mode the Spotify Connect Thing goes offline, so all rules etc. don’t work anymore.
Did someone find a way around this? Maybe you could send a command to start the spotify app. The problem here is that (at least in my case) when reconnecting the Spotify Connect Thing didn’t go online again, instead it got into my inbox with a new ID.

Thank you in advance!


Yes, add the network binding.
Add a thing to your chromecastIP
Connect an item to the “Online” switch channel
This will ping the chromecast and it will not go on inactive mode anymore.


Thank you!

But doesn’t draw the Chromecast more power then? And i’m not allowed to press on the stop button on my phone, right?

A tiny as the Chromecast is always awake now

What do you mean?

in this way, problem for me is not solved… do you have other suggestion?