Squeezebox favorites

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It probably means that you created the server and player things with a version of the binding that didn’t support favorites (the feature was added in early February and is in the 2.3 release).

Delete and rediscover your server and player things and all should be good. :crossed_fingers:


  • I recreated the server and radio THINGs.
  • I created to selection widgets in HABPanel for testing: 1 for the server and 1 for the radio,
    • The server widget is showing the list as text but when I press it it says it is “No choices available - check widget config”
    • The radio widget is showing NULL.


It is working now !!! Thanks

The server Widget is still not showing a selection list but the radio widget is - Which is fine.

Thanks a lot.

Right. It’s only the item linked to the player playFavorite channel that works in the HABpanel widget.

Glad you got it working.

For the record: “server-provided item options” doesn’t mean the state of the item will be used as CSV for the options, it means some bindings provide options automatically for items linked to certain channels - like inputs for an AV receiver, you can see them in Paper UI - and if that’s the case for the item you select it will use that.

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I’m also experiencing the same problem with the favourites on HABpanel

Please explain to me on how you implemented yours to work?

Just started to work.

In Paper UI, in the list of channels for your player thing, do you see a playFavorite channel? If not, then you should delete and readd your squeeze server and squeeze player things.

Yes I do see the play favourite chanel

Is it the one at the end?

Yes, that’s it. Are you trying to implement Favorites using HABpanel or Basic UI?

This is Habpanel

Ok, and you’ve set it up according to the directions here.

RIght, yes, I did that, but still, nothing…

I even tried starting a fresh by uninstalling the Squeezbox binding and clearing the cache but that did not seem to work…

The log file should tell me something right…?


Try putting the binding in debug mode, then stop/start the binding.

Also, while in debug mode, try adding another Favorite to the Favorites list in the LMS.

@mhilbush Thank you for maintaining this binding and keeping my Squeezes up and running.

Just wanted to take the playFavorite for a spin, but Spotify (Spotty) and Tidal playlists are not listed in the server favorite list. Starting them from LMS WEB GUI works OK.

In the server list the Spotty playlist is simply ignored (not counted). Tidal is counted, but not listed.

The edit for Spotty says:


Any hope of getting these working?

I’ll take a look at it. IIRC, folders are the only thing it skips. By any chance, are those first two entries folders?

  1. Is a Spotify PlayList ‘My playlist’: spotify:user:olemrolemr:playlist:6NCv7jpvpaojD6L2VlNA4p
  2. Is a Tidal PlayList ‘50’: https://www.mysqueezebox.com:443/api/wimp/v1/opml/playlistTracks?title=50&id=4fd05263-65c4-4f66-b25e-06b8d3e8bb05

Are they folders? Hard to tell…

I don’t have a Spotify Premium account, so I can’t test with that.

But, I started a Tidal free trial. From what I can see, a Tidal playlist in Favorites is actually a folder that contains a bunch of tracks. That’s the reason why it’s not visible in the binding. I suspect that’ll be the same with Spotify.

I exclude folders when I pull the favorites into the binding because there’s no easy way to represent a hierarchy using channel state options.

Ok. Thanks for looking into it.
What’s nice with the Spotty plugin is that it brings Spotify Connect to the LMS. All players appear as Available Devices :blush:

Sorry. I wish there was a way to handle it. Tidal looks like a pretty nice service…