Squeezebox favorites

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Item and sitemap look OK.

But I actually was looking for the state of the server’s favoritesList channel.

Also, can you try doing a restart of the binding.

bundle:restart org.openhab.binding.squeezebox

The output for the server:

serverfav (Type=StringItem, State=NULL, Label=null, Category=null)

And if i change the checkbox in PaperUI:

serverfav (Type=StringItem, State=0="NPO Radio 2",1="Omroep Venlo",2="Radio 10 103.8 (Classic Hits)",3="Arrow Classic Rock (Classic Rock)", Label=null, Category=null)

The favorites do show up and are working in my player in the PaperUI btw.

Restart does not change anything, tried it several times.

I’m running out of ideas…

Can you try removing the label tag on the sitemap Selection widget?

Tried removing label, icon and restart the binding, but nothing happens…
And i ran out of ideas a few hours ago :wink:

I’m now officially out of ideas. If I can think of anything else to try I’ll post back here.

Thanks for your help, i’ll try installing a second raspberry pi and try some more.

Hi! Some update from myself after upgrading Openhab to latest version. So, after I did it OH restarted and the favorites don’t show under their assigned item. However they are going back when I add or remove one of the favorites on LMS. I didn’t try restarting LMS so I can’t tell now if this would be enough. Restart of OH doesn’t fix it. I don’t know how it works, but does the binding request for favorities update when starting?

The binding requests the favorites when the binding starts, and when the favorites are changed on the LMS.

In the released version of the binding, there’s a race condition at startup where sometimes the player handler is not fully initialized when the server handler tries to send it the favorites. This is fixed in a PR that hasn’t been merged yet.

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Found your question looking for the same answer. As I did not liked the answer, and I dont know if you are still looking for it, but I found a workaround, all you have do do is copy the URI from the playlist, as a share, in the spotify app, and create a favorite with a name you can give and URI you just got on the LMS interface. Worked for me

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Thanks for sharing.
Will try it out next time OH gets some TLC :slight_smile: