Status Code 500 with OpenHab App

Hello Guys,

since today morning The Openhab App shows “HTTP Status Code 500”, if I try to connect via Myopenhab (Remote-URL),

But via my server is online, also I can open openHAB’s dashboard so the Remote control is also working also my notificationlog in myopenhab ist listed. I can also open PaperUI and BasicUI. On this way, everything is working well.

I try already a reboot of the server, but it doesn’t help. Has anyone an idea, what is going wrong?


IOs or Android?
Any other proplem accessing the internet on your phone?
Did you check the APP remote connection settings?



No issues averything is working well. The Connection settings are correct (nothing change since month) BUT the App was updated 9 hours ago! This is the only change!

Ok, double check the remote connection settings on the phone.
Did you try to restart the phone?

I am sure, that the setting does change overnight automaticly, but i have already reset the connection settings. Futher on my phone nothing change, but openhab App was updated.

Becuase I try all, so I also restart my phone, but the problem still.

I also uninstall openhab app…

I am sure, that this is a faulty update!

I works for me…
What country are you in?
Try again a bit later

I am in Germany,

So I checked it on my Tablet (Android 6.0.1), with the older Version (2.2.0) Here the Connection with Remote-URL is working.

On a second with Smart Phone (Android 8.0) and Version 2.2.0 and its also working but with my Main Smartphone (Android 9) Version 2.4.0 is not working. But 2.2.0 was working toll the update.

I have still version 2.2 and not available update for 2.4

Now I updated openhab on my second phont from 2.2.0 to 2.4.0 and i get exactly the same error message after updating!

So i guess this ist the evidence that the update is faulty!

Indeed. I am in England and no 2.4 update available on the App Store
Create a new thread
Title: HABDroid 2.4 Error code 500
Category: AndroidApp
And put the details of what you have done

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This is totally intended :slight_smile:
You’ll receive the update soon.

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The update should be available now.

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Local or remote access?

Issues on my.openhab right now. Can’t go to dashboard