Stiebel Eltron Binding missing

Hi therre,

i’m new to openhab and currently i set openhabian up.
As i have a Stiebel Eltron 403, i found that Stiebel Eltron LWZ Binding.

I also found this at GitHub. Unfortunatley i have no clue how to get that binding installed on openhab2.
The binding is not listed in the addons section in openhab2.

Or is this binding “dead”? If so i can help maintaining it. I am a software engineer, but i haven’t done any openhab dev so far.


Have you enabled legacy add-ons in the settings? This is an OH1.x binding so will need that enabled to be able to use the binding.

Hi, yep. i enabled legacy bindings but it is still not listed under the addons section.

Probably the reason is:

That’s actually a really old posting. It looks like the stiebelheatpump tests are passing today.

Hmm okay. So it seems that i have to manually deploy the 1.9 binding into openhab 2.

Beside that… tanks for the info @namraccr


so i’m still having issues getting that binding running/installed. (maybe i have to compile it from source ?!?) Anyone out there who has the LWZ Binding running under OH2?


Hello Hogan,

did you manage to install this to your openHAB? It’s not listed in paperUI and I didn’t find anything to download. Or is it just configuration?


Hallo Henning,

as a rookie I want to run the Stiebel Binding on openhab.
Could you solve the isssue?