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After dealing couple hours with the setup of openhab and cloud service, each time i try to access the dashboard ( from my phone or tabled, it keeps asking for my login details.
Unfortunately these fields does not store my login info no matter what I do.
Did any of you have the same problem? Is there a fix for it? please let me know , thank you very much!

The reason why i prefer to use the browser version is because of the MainUI since openhab app works only with basicui and habpanel.

same problem here with iOS clients…

Marcus, I just discovered this post earlier myOpenhab auto-login and deep-linking maybe that could help you but still it would be nice if someone can provide a decent solution or if the developers can re-create the login form to store field data. So far i was unable to create a shortcut with the auto-login url since any mobile browser will add the and not the whole auto-login url… it’s a pitty that such a vital element is not properly addressed by the developers.

Given your most recent rage quit post I don’t know if this is still an issue. But for future readers:

The Android app at least has support for MainUI in the beta version. I don’t know if it’s made it to the full version yet but if it hasn’t it should have support soon. I can’t speak to the iOS app.

I’ve not experienced the same behavior as you describe. For me it only asks for the username and password the first time after I restart my phone. Then every access after that it stays logged in. So more information would be required to see the difference between setups to figure out why you are seeing different behavior.

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I’m having the same behavior. Using a Home Screen shortcut (current iOS), it pulls up this dialog and doesn’t offer the normal saved passwords options.