Streaming music to Habpanel

Good day to the forum participants!
I try to make a widget for Habpanel.
I want to be possible to listen my home music collection on any device in the house (tablet, smartphone, TV, computer) without installing additional programs on this devices.
I have a folder with music shared on the network and I want to play music from this folder in any browser.
That is, I would like to get a local analogue of Spotify or a similar service.
Is it possible?
I’m install Subsonic for streaming audio. It work good, but not convinient for use it in widget. I try client player SubFire. It look awesome, but have a many bugs.
Somebody can to help me with streaming music to Hubpanel?

I’ve not tried this…

If your audio streaming software offers out a URL / network path with an MP3 (as an example)

Can you use a rule to “play” this sound file to the webAudio sink?

(Which will play the sound through any compatible UI, like PaperUI or HabPanel)

You might have to create an empty stop.mp3 file to send to the audio sink to cancel the steam

Or use the playStream command as shown in this guide, noting the null command to stop the stream

This is little difficult for me. I am looking for a simple solution.
May be good web player for subsonic that I could insert into a frame widget.