Suggestion for new TV for interop with OpenHAB


I will be purchasing a new 4K TV for my living room in the near future. In my den I have a Panasonic Plasma that works decent with the Panasonic binding. I have basic controls working (volume, power off, channel up/down, etc). I really just need the same functions on the new TV. More would be great, but not required. Looking at the existing bindings and the increase in SmartTV functions, will the new LG or Samsung bindings work? Has anyone worked on a Vizio binding?

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To be honest I am a bit disappointed with my current Samsung TV.
The interop with openHAB works fine, as long as the TV is powered on.
Unfortunately the TV turns off his network adapter when it goes into standby mode.

To be fair I have to mention that it is an older device, but wanted to say that you should have a look at this topic while making your decision.

All of those beautiful features don’t bring anything when you can’t turn on the device remotely. :slight_smile:

(I have used a raspberry pi and some HDMI stuff to solve this problem in my situation here.)

Same here with my 2014(?) LG Smart TV. Standby mode switches everything, including network, off. My solution was a Broadlink RM-3 mini to switch it on. But honestly, i don’t rely on the “smart” features at all, except for the Amazon video app and streaming sometimes youtube from my cell phone. Otherwise i use Kodi.

Thanks, I am now looking into the Broadlink devices. That seems to be a better solution!

My Sony TV works fine in standby mode.

Someday I will look at controlling my Vizio TV.

This post has links to the details needed to control a vizio tv.