Support Ikea smart blind roller

Hi, i a planing to buy ikea smart fyrtur blind roller and integrate them into openhab. Is that possiblie at the moment and how?

As far as I know.
It should be possible you need to buy the

to be able to connect

and connect it through the Ikea Binding

Another option is the deCONZ binding for Dresden Elektronik Zigbee adapters. It is currrently WiP but it work there is a first test version available:

There’s another topic about it Support for IKEA Fyrtur blinds

You can also use zigbee2mqtt with a dongle that you flash and plug it into the PI running your openhab server. That is how i have my tradfri stuff setup. Very stable with no base station

Thx for your replies. I only use WiFi and Homatic Bindings. I think Ikea Tradfri Binding sounds nice, but there is nothing written on the openhab addon page for that. Perhaps deCONZ is an option but for me to early to use. Zigbee2 is nice too, but i have to run a PI and zigbee2mqtt with a dongle, which sounds difficult or oversizing for me.