Switch from fhem: OpenHab2 Homatic CUL


iam new here and comes from fhem. Is it possibe to integrate the CUL Usb Stick for Homematic direkt in Openhab 2?

Is there any tutorial about that?

Thanks for feedback!

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Maybe this will help:

According to this, it seems that you can’t use the CUL USB Stick directly in OH2 (you will need to install Homegear first and then use the Homematic binding)



A direct connection is not possible. You need to install something like a ccu. From my point of view ist honmegear the best solution and if you use the openAHBian image homegear is an option to install in the openHABian menu.

Than you pair with the CUL Stcik your homematic devices with homegear and acces from openHAB with the homematic Binding.

works like a charm


Thanks, i test it.


have you made some usefull experiences to get it running?


I came from fhem as well and had a nanoCUL. I did not get it working with homegear. Then a got a cheap CC1101 modul, attached it direct to the RPI2 (now RPI3) and it was working.

Yes it runs, but you must set the HomeMatic - Binding manuell to get it work.

Another Problem is: In Fhem you can use the CUL for 868 (HomeMatic) and 433 (Interchno), this is not possible with homegear.

What do you use it for? 433 Intertechno?

no, 868 MAX Window Contacts