Switch read only

Seen a number of references to this but hopefully things have changed. I am using UniFi binding and when i create the items, in the Control screen the switches show the current state of the device, online or offline, but are not clickable. When I add them to a sitemap, they can be turned on and off. Any way just to show the state? Or a way to show Online or Offline text in place of the switch control?



Im not familiar with sitemaps, but in HABPanel, you can do this with a dummy widget. You always use a proxy String item that you can update via rule when your main switch changes state.

I think you can use “Contact” in Items and represent it as “Text” in Sitemap

You can use the transformation service MAP:

Hi, I have a zwave device FGBS-222.
Openhab automatically set the input like a switch / door sensor and in a log file when I change the physical state of the input device I read OFF to ON.
I use only the two input channel, I see correctly the state in the Basic UI with a .items file and .sitemaps file.
I see the state with a switch icon, but I can active the switch by click, but are a inputs, there is a method for see a not clickable switch? Example a text item?
I try to use the MAP function but I found an error in a log.
I use the milestone version.

If you use a sitemap based UI, like BasicUI, you would choose a Text widget for display only.
For HABpanel you would choose whatever the equivalent widget is.

PaperUI and HABmin are the adminstrator’s interfaces, and as such they will show you the actual type of the Item, because they are not meant to be seen by the general user.