Switching Homematic HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU ControlMode to AUTO-MODE?

Dear OH community,

I’ve tried now for several days to switch my HM thermostat to AUTO-MODE… but without any success. I can switch to Manual Mode and set a temperature. But switching to Auto Mode doesn’t change anything at the thermostat. Since I receive a notification (“pushInfoMsg”), I’m also sure that the rule is executed.

My code is referring to Integration of Homematic Thermostats with openHAB, where it is stated, that one only has to send something to the “AUTO_MODE” item. In contrast to this reference, my “AUTO_MODE” item is created on channel 2. Therefore, I’ve tested my code also on channels 1, 2, 3,… without any success.

Searching for code, I’ve seen some links where code was written in homematic, but I want to stay purely on openHAB with my code. Does anyone has a hint how I can do this?

Thank you in advance for your hints,
Doc MC

rule "All Thermostats Off"

when Item SwitchThermostatesOff received update
  if (SwitchThermostatesOff.state == ON) {
       ThermostatFewoWohnbereichManualMode.sendCommand (1)
       ThermostatFewoWohnbereichSETTEMPERATURE.sendCommand (1)           // auf 1°C stellen, also quasi ausschalten
    pushInfoMsg.postUpdate("Switch Thermostates Off")


rule "All Thermostats Auto Mode"

when Item SwitchThermostatesAutoMode received update
  if (SwitchThermostatesAutoMode.state == ON) {
       ThermostatFewoWohnbereichAutoMode.sendCommand (1)
       pushInfoMsg.postUpdate("Switch Thermostate FewoWohnbereich to Auto-Mode")

With the item definitions

Number:Temperature      ThermostatFewoWohnbereichSETTEMPERATURE          "Set temperature"                       (gFewoWohnbereich, gThermostate, gHeatingSetTemperature)      {channel="homematic:HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU:LEQ1010731:OEQ2276212:2#SET_TEMPERATURE"}
Number:Dimensionless    ThermostatFewoWohnbereichHUMIDITY                "Humidity"                              (gFewoWohnbereich, gThermostate)                              {channel="homematic:HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU:LEQ1010731:OEQ2276212:1#HUMIDITY"}
String                  ThermostatFewoWohnbereichControlMode             "Control mode"                          (gHeatingControlMode)                                         {channel="homematic:HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU:LEQ1010731:OEQ2276212:2#CONTROL_MODE"}
Number:Temperature      ThermostatFewoWohnbereichManualMode              "Manu mode"                             (gHeatingManualMode)                                          {channel="homematic:HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU:LEQ1010731:OEQ2276212:2#MANU_MODE"}
Switch                  ThermostatFewoWohnbereichLoweringMode            "Lowering mode"                                                                                       {channel="homematic:HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU:LEQ1010731:OEQ2276212:2#LOWERING_MODE"}
Switch                  ThermostatFewoWohnbereichComfortMode             "Comfort mode"                                                                                        {channel="homematic:HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU:LEQ1010731:OEQ2276212:2#COMFORT_MODE"}
Switch                  ThermostatFewoWohnbereichAutoMode                 "Auto mode"                                                                                           {channel="homematic:HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU:LEQ1010731:OEQ2276212:2#AUTO_MODE"}

Not 100% sure, but does this description which I wrote some time back help you? I believe the devices at are somehow related and similar?

Hi Cplant, is there a hyperlink behind the blue word? I think it somehow was deleted, because nothing happens when I press it…

Fixed the link.

Thank you for the correction @Cplant . Meanwhile I’ve tested

       ThermostatFewoWohnbereichControlMode.sendCommand (3)

and also

       ThermostatFewoWohnbereichControlMode.sendCommand ("AUTO-MODE")

as described in your link, but also without any success. In addition, I’ve also tested sending these commands to the heating group instead of the thermostat… no success…

I completely agree with your assumption, that there has been a change w/rt channels during the last years, since old recipes don’t seem to work anymore. Either a change in the firmware or a change in the Homematic binding.

Really a pity, but thank you anyway for the hint.

Very odd. I just double-checked with my implementation: I just send “1” for “Manual” and “3” for Automatic.

Can’t be a change in the firmware or the binding because I’m on the latest versions. But then again, …, it’s not exactly the same thermostat, so maybe that’s why. Maybe you have to do the same reverse-engineering than I did.

On a sidenote: Did you check the humongous (but still incomplete) documentation? I linked it here for another reverse-engineering-effort.

AutoModeItem.sendCommand(ON) switches ControlMode to “AUTO-MODE”.
ManualModeItem.sendCommand(temperature) switches ControlMode to “MANU-MODE” and sets the temperature according to the value in “sendCommand”.