Synology Surveillance Station Binding


Synology Surveillance Station Binding

This binding connects openHAB with your surveillance cameras running on Synology© DiskStation using Synology Surveillance Station API. This binding should work with any DiskStation capable of running Surveillance Station as well as with any supported camera.


This binding supports automatic discovery, most options and channels are self explaining.
You can find an extended description including textual configuration on GitHub (link).



  • Mandatory release for OH 3.3.0-STABLE and above
  • Note: some parameters are renamed thus all refresh rates are reset to default and should be reviewed, please check release notes for more details


  • Release for Surveillance Station 9 (fix event handling)


  • Release supporting DSM7, first to be published on Marketplace.


Latest release JAR:

For older releases (below DSM7) or OH2.x support please check the release section on GitHub (link).

Authoring and support

This binding was developed by @Nibi79 and @Pavion.
It’s a stable but rather stale binding with limited support. If you encounter any issues, please use this thread or create an issue on GitHub (link).


Hello Pavion,

I installed your binding in my openhab 3.2.0 setup using connecting to a synology DS220 with DSM7.0.1.
Installation went without probelms and the plan was to use the snapshot function to get a snapshot of a webcam using an external trigger.
I expected that when using htis function, a snapshot would be returned but this only seems to work if the snapshot refresh rate is set to > 0, is this correct?
The refresh rate was set to zero because I don’t want to waste bandwidth.

Please advise, Ben

Hi Ben!
Now it’s up to you and your setup :slight_smile:
You can:

  • use snapshot with refresh rate (which sure wastes bandwidth but may be useful for storing security pictures away)
  • use snapshot w/o refresh rate and send REFRESH (manually or with a rule) to this item and obtain a snapshot
  • use other channels with stream URIs for sitemap / image widgets and so on, which are rendered only if you’re on this page (many widgets allow to specify refresh rates too), see my readme on for more information about available channels and possible transformations

BR Pav

Hi Pavion,

The REFRESH did the trick !

Out of curiosity I searched the WIKI but cannot find any reference to it, or did I miss something?


Hi Ben! I’m glad you’ve found your solution :slight_smile:
Just in case…, I was referring to this section:
The second to last entry shows the usage of mjpeg channel with a custom refresh rate on sitemap.
BR Pav

Hi Pav

Will the binding support Surveillance Station 9


Sorry, my notifications seem to be broken somehow…
If you mean the lack of events, there is now a Quick’n’Dirty fix available on GitHub:

Feedback appreciated - and needed!
BR Pav

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It is working for me now! And again many thx for the quick support!

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Thanks for feedback @Simon_B!

I’ve updated this thread with the new version.
Note: if this bundle is installed via UI you have to uninstall and install it again.
Using .jar, please delete the old file and check whether the old version is properly uninstalled via Karaf.

BR Pav

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Hi Pavion,

with the binding Surveillance Station 9 I finally have a working addon for openhab 3.2, great!
Now I’m still looking for a widget with which I can change as many settings as possible for my Reolink RLC-511WA.
Is there a ready made solution or should I try to build something myself?

Hi there!

Sorry, I don’t have any ready-to-go widgets. If your settings are supported by this binding, you should easily be able to integrate them in your sitemap.

If you need other settings from Synology Surveillance Station not yet integrated in this binding, please check their API (you can easily google for it) and/or make a request and I’ll try to look into it (next week at earliest).

BR Pav

Thank you, but you don’t have to do any work. I will build my own widget. However, I still need a little time for this.

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Regarding uninstall and install again from UI (Marketplace), this might not be possible when running a 3.3 milestone build:

Best regards,
Jacob Laursen

Hi @adm105

I tried to use modified version of the Clickable Camera widget, but not getting it work.

Please share your widget when you have it ready

I have other problems to solve first. I can therefore only turn to my own widget much later.
What’s not working about the modified version of the clickable camera widget? Starting there is a good idea.

Well about nothing works at the moment.
I slightly played with modifying the widget to use the state of item instead of setting the link address for getting snapshots and live videos.
However I get the snapshot only once on initialization, but doesn’t refresh afterwards.

Ideally I would like to get a snapshot on a motion detection from a physical motion detectors (and not from the camera or Synology software processing), and also maybe get refresh of the snapshot manually.

BTW I also do not get any video on the link address that I retreive from the item states. Not sure why, are there any synology settings?

Hi Darko,

I also have this problem on a regular basis. I have the addon “org.openhab.binding.synologysurveillancestation-3.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar” installed. It is probably also crucial how the camera is recorded in the Synology Station. My camera was found via the model name, but I also tested the possibility using Onvif. However, the parameters that are then passed to OpenHAB 3 are identical. That reminds me, what camera are you actually using?
In addition, I would have to adjust the item names in the widget. Then I could watch the live stream in OH3 for a period of time and then the next day the screen went black again. I think an update rule needs to be built in. So far I can only look at the current status of the various settings via OH3. No changes are possible at this point, apart from stopping the stream or recording.
Before I dealt with the Synology Addon, I also dealt with Motioneye in Docker superficially. The program wasn’t that bad for a long time and you could also access it from OpenHAB 3. As far as the settings via Openhab 3 are concerned, I would have to test again first.
In the meantime, however, I think that a live stream and a snapshot for OH3 are completely sufficient and that the settings are made via the main program.

I have several Dahua bullet cameras about 6 years old and they are configured according to their model in the Synology Surveillance Station.

I never managed to get video with this binding although I didn’t try a lot.

Hello Darko,

Just to give you a better understanding: You can see a stream in Synology Surveillance Station but not in OpenHAB 3? Or do you not see a stream in both?
Are your cameras Onvif ready?
Take a look at this link, it might be of some help.

Please feel free to contact us again afterwards.

Not sure but I think yes, since it supports
H.264 protocol

also yes

My cameras are not in the list, the actual model is IPC-HFW1320S