Systeminfo CPU Temperature shows strange value on raspberry pi


her is my thing and my item description

Thing systeminfo:computer:systeminfo_smarthome [interval_high=30, interval_medium=60]
Number:Temperature	Systeminfo_number_CPU_Temperature			"CPU Temperatur"				<temperature> (group_smarthomedevicemodel) ["Measurement,Temperature"]	{channel="systeminfo:computer:systeminfo_smarthome:sensors#cpuTemp"}

But it shows 0.3C

I am using raspberry pi 4b with 8GB and actual openhabian.

Any help for this issue?

Do you have any 1-wire sensors connected on your RPi?
If you do, than it is a bug.

No not really should I open an issue? Any additional information you need? @Osmii

If that would fix both of our problems, than you can open an issue.