Tasmota version through MQTT?


is there a way to get the firmware version of a Tasmota device through MQTT? I have a lot of these devices and I would like to have a sitemap page where I can see what versions I have running on each device.

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Sure there is!
Have a look onto the Tasmota Docu (openhab)

I would also recommend TasmoAdmin to manage many Tasmota devices.

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Please be aware that documentation of Tasmota has moved.

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Thanks for the link @Udo_Hartmann new bookmark added. :+1:

Sorry for not replying until now and thank you so much for all the replies.

I still use MQTT v1 and the v2 Version example did not work. So I created a workaround for MQTT v1:

String Sonoff_xyz_Version "Tasmota Version [%s]" { mqtt="<[broker:tele/sonoff-xyz/INFO1:state:JSONPATH($.Version)]" }

This works pretty good for me. One disadvantage: I only get the version string when the device is restarted.

Is it complicated to migrate everything to MQTT v2? I noticed that the MQTT strings seem to be different? No idea why…


This post might be of use to you.

The link I posted above shows solutions for openHAB with mqtt v1 and v2.
For both a rule is needed to trigger the device in order to publish the version!
The same info can be found under the new Tasmota openHAB link