[Telegram Binding] GetUpdates failed with error_code 404 Not Found

I tried to get the Telegram Binding started, but receive this warning in the logs:
“12:54:44.399 [WARN ] [ing.telegram.internal.TelegramHandler] - Telegram exception: GetUpdates failed with error_code 404 Not Found”

I fail to send messages and items from the channels show NULL.

Bot token and Chat ID seem correct.
I also tested via the link, which works (I see the messages on the phone):

I replaced the original alphanumeric code in the link by BOT_TOKEN and CHAT_ID.
I used BOT_TOKEN as Bot Token in the Telegram Bot thing, and CHAT_ID as Chat ID.

The error message sounds like it was not able to connect to the bot.
Please check your bot token entered.
Here is a similar thread, although slightly different error message.
Link to binding documentation.

Edit: also just checked my config, the bot token is the whole string before and after the “:”; Example: xxxxxxx346:lettersandnumbersetc.

Many thank, indeed that was the error. Followed a tutorial, which seems to have to mistakes.