Tesco Smarthome (Calex)

Tesco have released here in the UK a range of WiFi Smarthome products from Calex, that are at a great price.

Has anybody used these devices?
Is there a binding that is compatible?

Not used them, but I did watch Paul Hibbert this morning doing a review. Philips Hue Loses To an £8 Smart Home Product From Tesco - YouTube They use the Tuya app so plenty about them here.

Hi Adrian
Yep I saw the YouTube video too.
However to set these devices up in openHAB appears to be a lot of messing about with MQTT and rooting devices to find keys etc:

Was just hoping there would be an easier way?

Hi, guys, I bought one of the E27 LED bulbs, I tried to flash it with tuya converter but didn’t work. Probably firmware is updated to avoid this. I will try flash it soldering, hope it can be opened easily without breaking it.