The new IKEA Dirigera hub

Hello there dear community!

IKEA has recently launched DIRIGERA – the Matter ready hub for smart products. It will replace TRÅDFRI.

I got mine yesterday and I just realized it’s too new to already be supported by an add-on in OpenHAB.

I have no experience in writing add-ons so I’ll have to pass but I’m sure someone will eventually initiate the development of an add-on for it. Meanwhile I’ll figure out how to integrate it in my home automation as the product app is more about remote control. :grinning:


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There appears to be no published API. There are a couple of github repos who are reverse engineering the API but they are pretty basic right now and brittle. It will probably be some time before enough is discovered to build an add-on for OH.

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Shameless advertising for my repo: DirigeraClient
It’s not feature-complete yet, but many things are already working. Feel free to support me by providing your Dirigera setup with the provided dump application. I am confident that we will be able to implement all relevant devices soon.

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