The "new" Milight IBox and milight binding

Hi, all, I’ve just got the IBox and try to get it to work in openhab1, the old wifi bridge is working fine. but not the new IBox.

i think there is a api change on this ibox.

are there suport for the wifibridge v6 protocol in milight binding ?


I just did the same - new protocol (bidirectional, command sequencing, checksum, discovery…). Didn’t find any binding and am wondering if this is planned. At the time being, I’d prefer openhab 1.xx.
I ordered the V5 bridge which is the “newest, most reliable” having the old protocol the binding was written for. However seeing that V6 is out and V7 is announced this is becoming relevant for openhab. I also do not think that going over the “amazon cloud server” they mention between the lines should be the way forward as LAN communication is superior.

@hmerk => anything in your plans? what’s your view on this. I’d be willing to test it.

@leutholl to be honest, there are no plans from my side to implement any new protocol into the openHAB 1.x binding version.

This is mostly due to stopped using this LED lights quite a long time ago.

You might ask @David_Graff if he is willing to implement this into the openHAB 2.x binding.


Did I understand correctly: you don’t want to continue the development of the milight for openhab 1.xx and 2.xx because you decommissioned your milights? Or just not for openhab 1.xx?

That would help to know how to move forward.

Many thanks to your effort spent so far!!

You understood it nearly correctly.

Threre might be further development for the 2.xx version of the binding, but that version was ported by @David_Graff, so it is not my decision.

On the other hand, while developing other stuff, I realised that it is difficult to test if you don’t own the according hardware.
As I am no longer using the MiLights, I am not going to buy the new bridge just for developing.

I see. I’ll wait for a feedback of David. Otherwise I’ll come up with some sort of solution by my own.

Thanks again!


any news on this topic? I am using 4 old bridges with openhab and would like to replace them with the new annouced v7 that should support more than 4 zones.


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Hey there,

I am new to OpenHAB and recently purchased the iBox and RGBW bulbs hoping to use that with it. Did not realize that the iBox was not supported with the current bindings. Had I realized that and found this thread before ordering, would have gotten the older style.

@David_Graff - If you are thinking about updating the binding to include the iBox, I would absolutely help in testing. I am new to OpenHAB, but would say I am fairly tech savvy in general.


Hey all,

the addon will definitely be updated. But at the moment I’m travelling Oceania and have no reliable internet connection nor any milights with me. Contributions to the addon are more than welcome, I might add some boilerplate code in the next days if time and wifi permits.



Hey David,
thanks for the good news. I regret that I will not be very helpful at programming, but I’m quite willing to test any updated binding.

best regards,

I was trying to use WireShark to intercept the commands between my iPhone (using the app) and the ibox, but unfortunately, couldn’t get the wireless signals properly decrypted. My wireshark skills are rather rusty.

Based on the iBox’s internal web server page, it is still looking for port 8899. However, if you look at the dev page from limitlessled, they are calling for UDP 5987.

I am out of my depth here. If you give me some direction to help you, I can research and figure it out. Or I can also easily just help test when you are ready.

Moral of the story - We all appreciate your work David! Take your time and thank you again!


I recently put Milight downlights throughout the house (colour temp adjustable white) and some RGBW lights outside. I’ve paired each individual light to a separate channel (15 bridges required all up!).

Looking forward to seeing this binding updated to support the iBox so I can make some use of them!

Hi, I own a milight ibox as seen in the picture below:

The example app from milight as you can find under the link of JMacIV isn’t working with this controller. The app can discover the ibox a readout the wifi-data (ssid, bridge-ssid, router make, etc.) but isn’t able to control any light - but this is working via the milight v3 app under android. Strange.

If it is helpful, I can upload some Wireshark captured data, looking like:

i am really looking forward to see this binding working and am willing to contribute. (But I haven’t written any code since 10 years… Sorry)

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Hey all,

it will save me some research time if everyone, who wants to contribute, could provide me with this information:

  • The discovery/control port of the iBox
  • The used network protocol (UDP/TCP)
  • The bytes that are send to the network for discovery (appended as .bin file, or preferable as hex string)
  • The bytes that are send by the iBox as response for a discovery. If those are dynamic, a small explanation would be fine
  • The bytes that are necessary to switch a light on/off with a small explanation.

That will hopefully make me able to implement a basic discover/on/off for those lights.


Hey all,

I made a first attempt of adding iBox support. Only discover/on/off/whitemode/nightmode is implemented.


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Hey David,

Thanks so much for the new binding.

I can confirm my device was discovered via discovery… yesssss.

Unfortunately, All my lights are RGB. On/off/Nightmode is not working for these bulbs.


Could you post the log messages especially the “Sent packet … to bridge…” messages? I do not have an iBox at hand and therefore can not test with real hardware unfortunately.



Not exactly sure of the relevant bits… so here’s my log since last reset, performed not long ago to see if that would make them work.

Happy to help if anything else is needed. The events log just shows the buttons being triggered.

Thanks Duncan

Hey @Duncan_Pullen,

thanks for the test. I may have fixed that problem. Could you give it another try?



Not looking good. I could delete then discover the device again. All devices come online. The following things are created:
Milight iBox Bridge
All Color
Color (iBox)
Color (Zone 1)
to Zone 4

Callback errors.
Command not confirmed error
No additional functions appear to be working.

I’m just doing a full reboot with a new log file. I’ll then post the old and fresh log files.

Thanks Duncan

EDIT: Ok, here they are.