Thermostat-like control panels?

I use OH to control temperature in a couple of rooms equipped with electric ovens. As these are old/simple ovens, I am simply switching the power on/off, based on room temperature. The set point is controlled using the OH apps.
This works, but does not achieve the required WAF - for this, I would need a simple physical device placed in the rooms - something that looks like a thermostat, but all it does is speak with OH.
All that it needs to have are two buttons (+, -) and a small display with current set point (and possibly also current temperature).

Is there any such device? I have not found any.
(Preferably zigbee or z-wave, so I do not need to by extra controllers.)

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Something like this:

Well, this does not have a screen, as far as I can see?

I was thinking about something like,
or even,
just without the thermostat part (i.e., only panel, no direct control of anything)

Edit: on second though, the variant with physical dial does not make sense, since it would prevent changing the set point by other means (or would otherwise come out of sync).

A mini tablet with HabPanel?


Its 2 - 4 button remotes, tap once to increase temp by 5 or hold and decrease by 5 as one way to leverage it to control temps or change a value to have OH evaluate things such as external temps, internal temps, cloud cover, etc.

Too big, needs power (I was thinking about something battery-driven) and too expensive (I have a feeling that 2 buttons, small LCD and zigbee chip should not cost that much…)

But you still do not get a feedback, so you do not know whether the tap was registered, what the target temp. is etc. Pretty sure this would not be accepted.
(This sort of control works fine for lights, where one can see the result immediately, but not for temperature…)

The device can be set to vibrate, light up, or both as far as feedback of something happening. As you stated the ovens are switched on or off; isn’t that a visual feedback?

OK, that starts to make sense. May be a solution if I do not find anything better.
But still, I would very much prefer a display.
Not to mention that the Aeotec is pricey, I was hoping for less than half its cost.

I had an issue where I needed quick control of things on a floor of my house and some times didn’t have my phone on me to pull up HABpanel; so I have two buttons for the master bedroom and then the bottom two take care of individual rooms based on tapping or long holding the buttons.
They also have a two button option that is slightly less, but I figured for a few bucks more I can get additional taps to run things in Node Red.

Another thought if you have an older smart phone that could be a way to leverage a cheaper display for HABpanel, but would still require charging at some point.


If you want something with a small screen and a couple of buttons, there is always the M5-Stack

(An ESP32 device that you can link to openHAB2 via MQTT or the Rest API if you wanted)

You can probably use it as a room temperature sensor too, or use the I2C port to add any other sensors you have in mind.
(Or One-Wire… Or GPio etc etc etc)

It has an onboard battery, but I’d always run some kind of 24/7 power to it

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I tried that…

It worked really well…
Until the battery got over charged and fried the phone.
(Nothing I do makes it come on now.)

Or HabPanelViewer (Android home screen app) if you want to harvest sensor data or control the screen brightness etc

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I’m using 5 of this Danfoss RS.
They’re z-wave.

Thanks for info, I was not aware of this line of devices - they look really useful.
Still a bit of an overkill for my particular use, but I can surely find different uses as well :slight_smile:

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This is exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile: Definitely not cheap, but I would still considered it because of the design.
The only problem is that though I found a couple of shops that have it on their pages, they all list it as “no longer available”… :cry:

Well, can’t help with that :smile: I bought them in Romania. I see them on Amazon UK link

Be careful when ordering though… Danfoss, as far as I know, has some items that do not fully implement z-wave protocol.
Here’s an example Danfoss Link RS.
So, make sure you order the right ones.

And another product, also z-wave: SRT321.
I used that also, before Danfoss - I still have 1 unit unused in a drawer, somewhere :smile:.
But Danfoss is prettier and the WAF factor is higher :laughing:

You could also check out “Devolo” or if I’m right also “Popp”.
The manufacturer is always Danfoss, I guess there are also a few other brands selling the same device.
I hope this helps.

Thanks, I will check it and report here if I find anything