Thermostat Recommendation

I am looking for a thermostat that would be compatible with openhab and was hoping someone might have some suggestions. I have just a basic high efficiency furnace relatively new (less then 10 years). No AC or anything else built into it it only heats the house. The house is not a rental so I can make any changes that I need to.
I do not want a device that needs to call home (manufacture) to function.
I would prefer something with a touch screen and the ability to show current weather is a + but not necessary. Also want to be able to control from an app on my tablet.
Any help would be appreciated.

Do you want a single thermostat for your whole house, or are you looking for a thermostat for each room / zone and extend your control to every room?

Each of these devices has a fully functional thermostat

They work totally stand alone and can be linked with openHAB2 really easily.

the furnace is dumb i don’t think it can do multiple zones. it pushes warm air through the ducting in the house and that’s it. if there is something you know of that I can add to allow multiple zones that would be amazing.

Hi Robyn,

If it’s ideas you’re after, I’ve got hundreds :slight_smile:

I have a client who installed some motorised dampers / motorised louvres to route the air flow of his air conditioning system.

(A single large chiller with air flow routed to the zone that needs it)

You could apply the same principle to your hot air flow.

These would be really easy to link to a Velbus thermostat, with just a change over relay per damper and a relay to fire up your heat source.

In a similar way, these dampers could be connected to a Velbus system.

Just put a change over relay in place of the switch shown here