.things (textual config) sometimes not available after reboot (OH4.x)

sporadically things (which I definded in textual config via .things file) do not appear in OH4.x. after reboot
After touching the things file (e.g. adding a blank and save file again) the things appear immediately in OH.
The .things config is correct - otherwise it would’t work in general.

Rebooting again helps sometimes or touching the things file helps - but this is manual effort and I am not sure how to handle this. Does somebody has an idea?

regards, Kai

I definitely have the same issue and my sitemap is also effected. For me, it’s happen most of the times I am restarting openhab, not sporadically. Cleaning the cache before usually helps. In these cases most of the items work anyway, but not all, especially “sub” things depending on the missing things are not working, and some bindings like the Homematic binding won’t work either.

This has been described also here:

I already asked there where to issue a bug report. I filed it here:

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I have the same issue.

thanks for your feedback, @tnemrap
It’s good to know that the issue is obviously not with my OH only. :innocent: :roll_eyes:

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