Tibber Binding

today_prices was introduced after version 3.4, so you would need to update to OH4.

today_prices was introduced after version 3.4, so you would need to update to OH4.

Updating to OH4 did the job. Thanks.

I updated to OH4.0.3 last week and I’m missing the new channels on my “advanced” channels tab. Do I need to do something specific to activate them? (restarting openHAB and even rebooting didn’t do the trick)

You can try recreating your Thing.

hmmm… if I create a new Thing - the new channels are there.
So I have to first unlink all items, remove my Thing, re-install it and connect the items again. duh…

No, you can save some work:

write down the ThingUID
delete the Thing without unlinking Items
Create a new Thing with custom ID, using the old ThingUID

Doing so, all channels will get the old ID‘s and your Items will work.

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Too late. :wink:
But thanks anyways

Hi, I am running the binding on OH 3.4.5 with the bundled binding-version. I have a tibber account but not a contract yet. I am using the live data from Pulse only.
However, every 2 days or so the live data stops being delivered. I tried with debug logging but there is no log entry on this. Sometimes restarting the tibber-thing helps, therefore I implemented a mechanism that restarts the tibber-thing but that is also not a 100% solution.
Anybody aware of this and is there a solution to this? Thx

Enhancements implemented as part of OH4, so recommended to upgrade/switch branch.

okay, it took some time but I’m on OH 4.1.1 in the meanwhile. Still experiencing outages. Have enabled DEBUG logging and will report back.

EDIT: just noticed that Tibber confirmed start date of my contract today. As a consequence I do receive pricing data again. Tibber may have restarted the APi service for my account which may has resulted to the problems observed (several outages during past few weeks).
Providing pricing data has changed several times in the past because of confusion of my contract’s start date. Will keep you updated …

I need to confirm the outages. While the API requests work, live data from Pulse does experience outages every second day or earlier. Restarting the Thing sometimes helps, sometimes it doesn’t.
I filtered for DEBUG messages but can’t see relevant entries for for live data. The AP request results are logged though.
Anything I can do or help with?

no, sorry. works as intended since a year now.
I suspect some kind of glitch either in your OH-installation as such oder in your API-key.
What does the Tibber-App tell you? are the outages visible there, also?
And do you have the possibility to integrate a Tibber API into Node-Red and have it logged there?

thanks for your immediate reply!
Tibber App works normally. I do not see any outages there.
I do have an IO Broker instance up an running and (re-)activated the Tibber Adapter again. Let’s see if this will show some log entries next time I experience the outage with OH.

I also have this outages every couple of days. Sometimes everything works for 10 days, sometimes I get no data from the API after just one day.
The Tibber API thing stays online if this happens, but the channels don’t update anymore.
I restart the binding by a rule if this happens, and normally it is working again after that.

Hi, need to report another outage. OH tibber live channels stopped of being updated while Tibber App and IO Broker keep on updating and working normally. No errors logged in IO Broker.

This time I also don’t get updates for all the “live”-Things/items since 9:12 CET.
Restarting the Thing helped.

that may be interesting since mine stopped at 09:11 CET this morning. Coincidence?

just experience second outage today for OH Tibber live data (21:17 CET).
Tibber App and IO Broker working normally.

EDIT: tried to restart API thing (three times) with no success. Only restarting OH helped. Didn’t try to deactivate/activate binding.

nope. works here… only the 9:12 until midday

Just for reference, also had the outage yesterday around 09:10, lasting until 09:40. So, apparently some issues on Tibber side of things. However, for me, the reconnection was made automatically, according to how the binding is set up for the latest versions (i.e. no interaction on my behalf).

So, having “all” the outages you refer to also for me seems to be a local problem. Have you tried cache clean etc, to ensure you have a fully configured system according to latest version? Note: I also believe Tibber only accepts 2 concurrent connections (websockets) to the live subscription, so running the Tibber app while having active openHAB instance will make for 2, and if you then have additional connections, one of them will drop.