Time selector

Hello everyone,

I’m currently looking for a way to make a pool timer with my shelly1pm. The shelly1pm is already in openhab but the item doesn’t allow to control the built-in weekly schedule. Also, the weekly schedule seems to malfunction as it doesn’t always trigger. Thus, my goal is to make a time selector in openhab for the start and end time. This information will be taken by node-red to make the trigger that will start and stop the pump. Is there a way other then creating an hour select box and a minute select box for the start and end time?

Thank you

In MainUI see DateTime Standalone Widget and DateTime List Item for date time selection widgets. Note that there is nothing special about these. They are really just standard configuration of the oh-input widgets.

If you want to use openHAB to drive this see Creating Capabilities with Rule Templates: Time of Day to drive it.

Or for a more comprehensive (but therefore complicated) approach to see Time Based State Machine.

Another fully comprehensive approach is Timeline. This one requires installing some external stuff from GitHub I think to drive the widget.

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