DateTime List Item

A List Item input widget to select and enter a date time to populate a DateTime Item. The date and time can be entered through text or click the calendar icon and open a selector. The date and time will not be sent to the Item until the check icon is clicked. The current state of the Item is shown under the label.



Version 0.2

  • Adjusted to show the displayState, if defined

Version 0.1

  • initial release


uid: rlk_datetime_list
  - marketplace:127967
    - description: Label for the widget
      label: Label
      name: label
      required: false
      type: TEXT
    - context: item
      description: An item to control
      label: Item
      name: item
      required: false
      type: TEXT
  parameterGroups: []
timestamp: Jan 20, 2022, 9:48:26 AM
component: oh-input-item
  inputmode: text
  label: =props.label
  name: alarmtime
  outline: true
  sendButton: true
  subtitle: "=(items[props.item].displayState) ? items[props.item].displayState : items[props.item].state"
  title: =props.label
  type: datetime-local
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I get the following error when trying to add the “Date Time List Item”:

Running OH 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT on Win 10. No problem to add when running OH 3.2.0

There have been a number of threads on this posted to the forum. It seems to be a more system wide issue.

I’ll remove the date field from my widgets in the mean time which should work.

Hi @rlkoshak,
i like your widget very much, but didn’t get it work. I copied the code from the resources block or installed it through the marketplace, but it always stays empty.
Is there everything that have to be done before?

I’m using oh3.2.

What always stays empty? How are you trying to use it? Have you set it as the Default List Item Widget for a DateTime Item? Does your Item have a state that isn’t NULL or UNDEF? Where are you looking at the widget?

My testitem looks like:

The widget isnt shown in the default card for the room.

Did you look on the Properties tab of the room’s card? Since this isn’t a member of an Equipment, it’s a property directly on the Room and is shown on a separate tab. This is discussed in the Getting Started Tutorial: Pages - Overview Page | openHAB

Note that what you see on the Item’s page is the Stand Alone Widget, not the List Widget.

Nothing is shown in the property tab :/.
Furthermore if i open the timestamp card, which is created with this item, it only shows:

Do i need to install something?

Then there is something wrong with the model or with your Item. Perhaps you need to refresh the page. It’s not something that is related to this widget so opening a new thread is probably best.

NOTE: there is nothing at all special about this widget. It’s just a standard oh-input Item with the inputmode set to “datetime-local”.

On thing you can check is go back to the Default List Item Widget screen. Does it render there?

Edit: Wait, I had to remove a line from this earlier and may have removed one too many lines. It should work now. You’ll have to delete it and reinstall it.

After reinstalling the widget it now renders :). But for now the calendar button / calendar itself is missing. And i cant input anything
I’ll take a deeper look into it at the afternoon.

Hi Rich,

I can cofirm this problem, the item only shows an input box with the content mm/dd/yyy …, no calendar and no check icon is displayed.
Inputs in the box are seemingly not forwarded to the item. I set the default List Item Widget of the Item to rkl_datetime_list


I just posted a new version. I didn’t change anything except to use the displayState in the label if it’s defined.

All I can say is that it works for me (except I see that the check button no longer shows up) and there really isn’t anything else I can do about it. If I can’t reproduce the problem I don’t know what to fix.


I installed both the stand alone and list item version of the DateTime widgets.
In the standalone version I can enter the date/time and validate with a click on the check button. (=OK)
As you wrote on the 20th of January, this can not be done in the list item version due to the missing check button.
Can I assist so you can reproduce the problem and fix it?

Kind regards,

Even if you can reproduce it, it’s not something I can fix. Ultimately, the problem is going to be in the browser or the F7 framework. I can’t fix those. All I can do is configure what’s made available to me.

The YAML at the top of the page is the complete set of code I have access to. The only part in the above that has anything to do with that date time picker is the line

type: datetime-local

That’s it. Everything else that happens after that is someone else’s code. If I understand how it works correctly, it’s not even openHAB’s code.

How can I use the list wiedget without the send button to get the value changed?

I think just hitting enter/return should do it. I don’t know for sure though as I’ve never not had the send button.

What platforms are you using? I can tell about app via android as well as Chrome on Windows 11. But do not show the send button on my systems.

On a Mac in Brave:

Safari on Mac:

Windows 11 in Brave:

Edge on Windows 11:


Chromebook in Google Chrome

Android in Android App:

Android in Brave:

just to be sure - we are talking about the list widget, not the standalone?

Windows 11, Chrome 105

Windows 11 Edge 105

=> maybe config on my side (and others?)?

Yes, the list widget. The same goes for the stand alone widget too though.

Maybe but I can’t imagine what it would be.