Today I received 2 Messages over myOpenhab, which do not originate in my system


Today I received 2 Messages via myOpenhab into my Openhab App on iOS, which definitely do not originate in my system… One was a foreign language, Danish or Swedish I suppose… one was an english text but with a content, which I don’t have in my system.

Can this be related to the service update on Sunday?



That’s interesting.

I got my normal 06:15 alert, but translated into German. (I haven’t had any other notifications as yet)

The only thing I’ve done recently is update my Android openHAB app. (Which now includes HabPanel access)

Update 16:00

My doorbell alert just worked perfectly.

We have seen this before, you should

I will take a look. Good news is its not a security breach, nor does it allow access to your openHAB. There was an issue in the past where the wrong Android/IOS push notification key was stored for a user under high load, resulting in messages going to another device. I will see if this has had a regression. It’s almost certainly related to the service restart last night.