Toon API add-on not working anymore. Invalid API response

It looks like the Toon API add-on is no longer working. Since yesterday the status is OFFLINE. Invalid api resonse status: 503
Login and passwords are checked.

Found on Eneco forum:
“Ik heb het nagevraagd en als antwoord gekregen dat de oude backend niet meer te gebruiken is, het advies is om de huidige Api backend te gebruiken, Apps zoals Olisto en Homey verbinden al met de huidige backend.”

Looks like the OpenHAB Toon API uses the old (offline) backend.

HI GertJanArts,
Do you have any idea what the new backend is and how to change this in openhab?

No, I don’t know. :frowning:


Hopefully somebody can change this. Really missing my energy readings .

Please file an issue on GitHub

The title should be [Toon API] Update binding for new API backend
And explain your problem

Please include a translation of the Dutch text

done. Thanks

well filing an issue seems to have done nothing?? Or is there anybody that got the Toon binding working again?

Agree, this community does not seem to care that a dead, completely useless, Toon-plugin exists in the Openhab store that nobody wants to fix for half a year now.

+1. not working:

Status: OFFLINE invalid api response status: 503

Can somebody please fix this?

This has nothing to do with the community. It has to do with the development of the binding. If he/she is gone, do it yourself and stop behaving like a spoiled prat.


You are somebody and you care about this. Are you volunteering or offering a bounty for some volunteer developer?

I have rooted my Toon because of this.
There is a very useful binding for Rooted Toon thermostats

Rooted (locally accessible) Toon

Ah, this quality response after eight months does also not represent the community?

The user community here is separate from the developers who work on the software. All are volunteers though and would gladly refund the money you paid for this software. You are free to demand a refund of the money you paid for this software.

Many concerned users have used bountysource to offer a bounty for developers to fix bindings that are important to them.

Bruce, thank you, clear story.

I do not mind paying for some fix or solution, the problem is that I cannot rely on a quick fix when a hardware supplier changes something in a key part. After waiting for a couple of months, I had to abandon Openhab.

When a developer then shouts ‘do it yourself’ after eight months silence, I do think the community has a problem. I hope not, Openhab is a great solution.

You misspelled developers. :wink:

If you would have searched, you quite easily would have found that tread

which shows the original developer and you could have addressed him directly using
in your post instead of waiting 8 month and blaming others for beeing silent.

Wow constructive answer! Blame the stupid user… But did you notice the project and the link you sent is dead? I sure could have made a mistake, but maybe you are not completely flawless yourself.

Fyi, I did search, I did write a message to the developer, and finally I posted this question.

So why didn’t you tell us that there was no response from the developer, or did I miss that ? Such information is very important for us, so we can update the CODEOWNERS list on github and possibly mark the binding as no longer maintained. This then would prevent users from frustration like yours.


So why can’t you communicate without trying to blame me for everything? I was not frustrated at all, I only tried to address two issues: the Toon plugin is dead, and the community did not seem to care about this dead plugin in the store. Note that a couple of people asked questions about this and did not get any response too.

I thought that was a pity because I know OpenHab is a great product, but with answers like yours you are destroying the community.
Nb I would have rewritten the plugin if I could count on proper support here.