Tp-link HS300?

The TP-Link binding doesn’t mention the Kasa Smart WiFi Power Strip by TP-Link - 6 Outlet Surge Protection, Works with Alexa Echo & Google (HS300). Does the binding support this and can it access the monitoring capabilities?



Finally someone asking about the device :smile:. The binding doesn’t support it. I have been looking into it and also have some code prepared supporting both hs107 and hs300, but since I don’t have either the device and no one has been asking about it I didn’t continue working on it. If someone is able to test this device I’ll finish the work and make the binding available via the eclipse market place.

Hi, I own a HS300 and would love to help test your code on it

I’ve created an issue on the openhab2-addons repository to keep track of the status and also with some questions. You can give feedback either on the issue or here in this topic. I’m going to supply a new binding with support to test and will let you know in this topic. Here is the link to the issue:

I’ve create an initial version supporting HS107, HS300, KP200 and KP400. The binding is available through the Eclipse IoT marketplace and can thus be installed from PaperUI when the MarketPlace is enabled in PaperUI -> Configuration -> System with Maturity Level Beta.

Let me know what works and what doesn’t. If you are experiencing problems please enable log level TRACE. In karaf console: log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.tplinksmarthome . Make sure to disable it when done, otherwise you’ll get lots of logging: log:set DEFAULT org.openhab.binding.tplinksmarthome

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I just purchased one because I needed a power strip anyhow. It was not cheap, $80 usd. It has 6 outlets, all individually controllable, and 3 usb power outlets. Downside and warning to OpenHABbers who don’t like cloud stuff, it required creating an online account to get the power strip to even turn on (no on/off button either)
Ive purchased 2 TP-Link WiFi minis and like them a lot (no cloud or account needed) so I have high hopes this is a good product.

Hilbrand, thanks so much for all your hard work and I will install new binding and have a go and report back good or bad

Beta version works a treat! (perfect)
hint: I uninstall 2.4 stable version first

Yeah, I can confirm that it works like a charm. So far so good after I installed it 3 days ago.

yup… thanks Hilbrand… you sir are a genius

Can you provide a compiled version for those of us who are on the nightly builds that have Eclipse market broken?

The compiled version can be found in the eclipse marketplace. The marketplace is also a website…

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The more recently nightly builds have broken a bunch of things dealing with eclipse including some of the builds I have pulled off of the site directly. It’s been a painful upgrade. I wasn’t sure if you had tested against the newer nightlys. Thanks!

I’ve got my thing and items online for my HS300 so everything looks good here. As a feature request, will you be adding more global features like rssi, leds, etc (similar to the HS110 features)? I did not see them come up under the PaperUI listing of all the channels. Thanks!

There is a group channelgroupSwitch that should contain that information.

Awesome. This is my current items list for anyone who wants a copy/paste to test this. The only thing I’ve seen is that the switch item under the group seems to always be off. The ones for the individual outlets works. RSSI is working as is voltage/current/wattage for each plug.

Switch  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Switch                             "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs [%s]"      <settings>         { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:group#switch" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_RSSI                               "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs RSSI [%s]" <settings>         { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:group#rssi" }
Switch  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_LED                                "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs LED [%s]"  <settings>         { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:group#led" }

Switch  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet1_Switch                     "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet1 State [%s]"           { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet1#switch" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet1_Power                      "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet1 Current Power"        { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet1#power" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet1_energyUsage                "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet1 Energy Usage"         { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet1#energyUsage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet1_Voltage                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet1 Voltage"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet1#voltage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet1_Current                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet1 Current"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet1#current" }
Switch  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet2_Switch                     "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet2 State [%s]"           { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet2#switch" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet2_Power                      "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet2 Current Power"        { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet2#power" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet2_energyUsage                "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet2 Energy Usage"         { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet2#energyUsage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet2_Voltage                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet2 Voltage"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet2#voltage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet2_Current                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet2 Current"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet2#current" }
Switch  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet3_Switch                     "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet3 State [%s]"           { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet3#switch" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet3_Power                      "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet3 Current Power"        { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet3#power" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet3_energyUsage                "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet3 Energy Usage"         { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet3#energyUsage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet3_Voltage                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet3 Voltage"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet3#voltage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet3_Current                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet3 Current"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet3#current" }
Switch  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet4_Switch                     "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet4 State [%s]"           { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet4#switch" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet4_Power                      "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet4 Current Power"        { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet4#power" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet4_energyUsage                "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet4 Energy Usage"         { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet4#energyUsage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet4_Voltage                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet4 Voltage"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet4#voltage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet4_Current                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet4 Current"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet4#current" }
Switch  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet5_Switch                     "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet5 State [%s]"           { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet5#switch" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet5_Power                      "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet5 Current Power"        { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet5#power" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet5_energyUsage                "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet5 Energy Usage"         { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet5#energyUsage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet5_Voltage                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet5 Voltage"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet5#voltage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet5_Current                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet5 Current"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet5#current" }
Switch  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet6_Switch                     "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet6 State [%s]"           { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet6#switch" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet6_Power                      "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet6 Current Power"        { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet6#power" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet6_energyUsage                "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet6 Energy Usage"         { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet6#energyUsage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet6_Voltage                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet6 Voltage"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet6#voltage" }
Number  TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs_Outlet6_Current                    "TPLinkSmartHome_HS300_upstairs Outlet6 Current"              { channel="tplinksmarthome:hs300:upstairs:outlet6#current" }

OK, I forgot I had installed this from a jar file way back when I first got the HS300. Due to some thrashing about with the system (I can’t help myself) somewhere a couple days ago all the TP-Link stuff stopped working. When I look in Paper UI, I’m like 'hmmf… the binding isn’t installed, duh… I uninstalled it when I began running the jar version. This just goes to show how easy it is to forget what the heck you did three months ago :upside_down_face:
going to uninstall 2.4 binding and load the one in the marketplace and will report back because I am running 2.4 stable.

binding installed from the marketplace works a treat! Uninstall 2.4 binding from PaperUI, install beta version… All my plugs plus HS300 showing online
Thanks Hilbrand

I wanted to say thank you because I use this binding quite often in my implementation.



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Hate to bump this old thread, but wanted to say thanks and ask a question… The setup worked like a charm for an HS300 (6 plug), but I’ve noticed that energy monitoring goes blank after awhile and both the Kasa App and OH2 will show NaN values for everything…

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this, I’m not sure how the binding works, but could I be over polling the device?