TP-Link (Kasa) Binding through addons.cfg file

Hi everyone,

I’m using OpenHabian on a RPi, and still on OH2, and done my config a while back, and using config files. I was able to find out the file where I need to add the binding, but can’t figure out the name of the binding for this : TP-Link Smart Home - Bindings | openHAB

Also, from what I unserstand, I need to install the beta one since I’m still on 2.X (can’t figure out what version I’m on), could someone throw me the big lines? Is it just a different string for the name, or do I have to download something (and if yes where to drop that)?

Thanks everyone

The name of the binding is tplinksmarthome. It was part of 2.X and you should be able to install it as other bindings. (depending on what openHAB version you are you have different devices supported.) In case you miss something and are one 2.5.x you could try the jar file in: TP-Link Smarthome binding (Beta) [2.5.0;3.6.0) Put it in the addons directory (likely found here: openHAB on Linux | openHAB)