TP-Link Smarthome binding (Beta) [2.5.0;3.6.0)


This is the tplinksmarthome beta binding. It contains changes not yet available in released openHAB versions. If you use this version of the binding do :heart: the tplinksmarthome binding topic on the openHAB community forum or for questions related to this version post your question in the topic.


Version 3.4.0-SHAPSHOT (date 12-12-2022)

  • Added preliminary (not tested) support for KL420.
    Includes support for KP401, which is already present in 3.4.0.M6

Version 3.3.0-SNAPSHOT (date 09-02-2022)

Use this beta version if you run openHAB older than 3.3.0M2. Otherwise install the official binding, which includes these changes.

  • Added new devices ES20, KP125, KP405 and KS230 (PR 11771)
  • Added support for KL400 and KL430 (Issue 8709)
  • Added an action to send commands to a tplink device.
  • Retry up-to 5 times when when connection errors occur during refresh data before setting device offline.
  • Fixed power channel of bulb devices. It didn’t create the state using QuantityType even while this was specified in the channel xml of the devices.



As the PR was merged now since a long time, is there any interest to maintain this version in the marketplace?
Or is there still a PR waiting for s review?

It’s still relevant for 3.2 installations. Also it might be new features become available and than these can be previewed here. I’ll add a text to indicate to inform from which version installing this version is useful.


I just got a TP link Light Strip model KL420L5. I’ve tried the binding and have updated but none of the current addons will control that strip. Is this something that can be added, or am I missing something?


You can most likely add it manually using a similar device such as the KL430 and get most/all of the functionality.

I think you only need to know the IP address to manually add a Kasa, but it’s been awhile since I’ve done it.

Hi Russ,

I did give that a try and both led strips listed but neither worked. I tried a couple of different naming conventions and ways. It just wasnt working out. I may just send em back and get one off the list.


Can you run with log level set to trace? That way it will print out the json sent and returned to/from the device. If you sent it via direct message to me I can see if I can find why it doesn’t work and update the binding to add support.

Sending some now.


I am currently limited to running on a 2.5 system…is there any way I can add EP10’s, as it seems those models were added to a later 3.x version of the binding.

Can I create a manual thing?



You should be able to add it as any plug device, like hs100.

Hi Hilbrand,
Any chance you could add the Tapo range ( P100 , P110)?
( Might be rather via a tplink cloud connection that requires an authentication…? )

These are available via the Tapo control binding

Missed out that one apparently :smile:. Tx. :+1:

Does this marketplace version still add something more than the version in the 3.4 official distribution?
If not, I would suggest to unpublish it by removing the appropriate tag.