TP Link Kasa KP125

I picked up a TP Link Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Slim with Energy Monitoring and Homekit / Alexa / Google. I already have a HS105 from a few years ago and needed another, but Best Buy only had this one around.

The switch doesn’t show up when I scan for a new thing. However I can manually add it as a KS115 with the IP address and no device ID. It seems to switch on and off and pulls up usage data just fine this way. I’m guessing the add-on needs a definition added.

What information would be useful for someone to add the KP125 to the TP Link add-on?

Hmm. It looks like it’s identical to the KP115, but with a new model number. It even has the same name on their website.

@hilbrand, would this be enough to add the KP125 to the binding (if you haven’t already)?

I am having the same issue. I thought I bought hs105 but it turns out it’s kp125 and I cannot add to openhab. Is there a beta that Integrates the newer kp125?

Add it manually as a 115, same as @ericsnis did.


That’s great, thanks.

I’ve added the binding to the Marketplace, as it was not included in 3.2.0. So it can be installed directly from openHAB main ui: TP-Linksmarthome Beta