Tplink closed port 9999

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Hi everyone

I have noticed on the home assistant forum that tplink have closed port 9999 for local controll of there sockets due too a security issue so they sent firmware updates making them no longer work with home assistant will the same happen too openhab?

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So its a yes :pensive: great sockets too such a shame none of mine have updated from what i can see but never updating them is not an option either

Well, not all sockets (yet).
I have 2 HS110 which are still working fine.
I think i read somewhere that it might only happens to UK sockets. But i could be wrong.
Maybe there’s more info on the github links in topic i linked.

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If they have done it too some sockets it will eventually be all of them

It really sucks local controll was the biggest selling point for me im getting slightly sick of the smart home world with manufacturers making changes that ruins everything

IFTTT, Hive, tuya, tplink it just keeps happening

I deleted the kasa app from my phone fwiw.

And maybe this is worth a try:

Does this mean that the KASA will be no longer useable by OH in the future ?, I was going to start using these :frowning:

If anyone has this problem. See this post about how to get a work around from TP-link: