Trademark Policy


It took more than 5 years, but I am happy to finally announce that our logo has meanwhile been officially registered with EUIPO as a trademark! (The “openHAB” name is already registered since a long while.)

With this being effective, we are now able to answer the many requests we received with regards to re-use policy by our community. We have therefore published a Trademark Policy as well as an FAQ about this topic.
We have oriented ourselves very much to policies of other foundations such as Apache and Eclipse. While it all reads very formal with “legal speak” and yes, we have to define boundaries and rules on how to use it, please be assured that the main purpose of it is to tell you: YES, WE WANT YOU TO USE OUR LOGO AND REFER TO OPENHAB!

In order to use the logo, you must certainly also be able to get hold of it. For this, we have created another new page, where you can download a package with our logo in all different styles and formats.
Please note that the Trademark Policy also talks about a “Powered by openHAB” logo - this does not (yet) exist, but we plan to add this soon as well.

For any questions and feedback, please use this topic - we will treat the FAQ as a “living document” and add things that might not be all clear yet based on your feedback.

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