Tradfri motion sensor with Zigbee coordinator

Runing openhab 2.5M1 hasslefree with latest zigbee binding and lib…

Got my hands onto a Tradfri Motion sensor. But scanner doesnt fint anything.
Does anyone know how to pair this device to the Zigbee coordinator? According to the Zigbee binding docs, the device should work. Anyone?, @chris perhaps?

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I suspect you need to pair is similar to how you would pair it to a bulb.

From the manual:

Your kits come already paired, so you will
not need to pair them yourself.
Before you can use your motion sensor
it must be paired to the light source you
want to steer. If you want to add more
light sources, just repeat the steps below
for each individual light source.
1 Make sure that your light source is
installed and the power is turned on.
2 Hold the motion sensor close to the
light source you want to add (no more
than 5 cm away).
3 Press and hold the pairing button for
at least 10 seconds. A red LED light will
shine steadily on the front side of the
motion sensor.
4 Your light source will flash one time to
indicate that it has successfully paired.
Up to 10 light sources can be paired with 1
motion sensor.
Make sure to pair them one at a time. If
the light sources are close to each other,
disconnect those that have already been
paired from the main power switch.

Thats what I have been trying… The only thing that happens is, that my Hue bulb here in my home office is blinking… Openhab scanner finds nothing… I have tried disconnecting the bulb to make sure it didn´t confuse the sensor, but still no luck with the Zigbee scanning in openhab.

Managed to get it paired… Seems like I had to reset it quite a few times. Then zigbee scanner found it. And now it´s online… But it doesnt trigger on motion.


my last info on this device was that it creates a group with lights itself and will not communicate over the zigbee base/device. So with this binding you only get the battery value but no movement information.
I used zigbee2mqtt for this device as it somehow get the information.

Best regards

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Thanks Chris…
I did get the battery (String) channel as well as a Switch channel, when I finally paired. But the Switch didn´t seem to react at all, and no value on the battery. I removed the device again to try add it once again, but it didn´t succeed. After few tries I gave up… Maybe I´ll try again tonight. Untill then I guess I need to wait for Chris to get back.

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If the device is using groups, then it won’t currently work with the binding unfortunately.

If?? How would I know? I havn´t done anything, except resetting it quite a few times.

I’m just going on what @Wiese said -:

So I guess you would also know from this :slight_smile:

But… Then it will never be possible to use/add ?

No - as I said previously -:

This doesn’t mean it will never work - it says it won’t currently work.

Will it work with the latest “public” release?
It not, perhaps someone should remove the device from the doc, or place a note about not working currently.

Then it will still work.

is there anything we (the owners) can do to help you (developer) to get it integrated (the same i mean for e.g. the tradfri remote controller).

I’m not a developer but definitely have some decent experience in linux, so maybe we can provide information needed. Or is it the way how the devices commuicates…(like in groups?).

Does group-messaging mean that this is currently not working at all, but may come to zigbee binding any time later? Kind Regards

Not really - the group support is something I hope to look at soon(ish!) but I’ve got a lot of other things on at the moment.

Yes, exactly - until this support is added to the low level libraries, the binding can’t support this feature.

Hi All,

Tradfri Motion is listed on the Zigbee binding page which made me assume it works with the binding.
So far I did only few pairing attempts, so did not give up yet despite the failed pairings.
Can someone confirm if it works with the binding as intended?
Any trick for the pairing?

Thanks in advance

Update: successfully added and 4 channels discovered

  • battery level/voltage/alarm
  • level control

I will investigate if anything shows up on level control.

Update2: still no events reported by the device.

@chris did you have a chance to implement some improvements since the last discussion (above)?

According to the current situation it would make sense to remove it from the compatibility list as it is misleading to have it there. Joining to the zigbee network without any useful functionality is not a proved compatibility. Did I miss something?