Trådfri Remote Support

Hey guys,

seems the people behind pimatic have managed to re-use the Trådfri remote for their own purposes.
Is somebody going to implement this? I’ve read the someone here in this board already played a bit with it.

For now I’ve added a color bulb to me hue bridge. Works quiet well. But it would be awesome to have the remote to controll anything we want (heating, alarm, etc…)


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Do you like to share a link to the solution of pimatic with us?

At least there is a pull request, to use the On/Off command of a remote:
But it seems that this got a little stuck.

At least it is listed as supported “Actor”.

And in this video is somebody actually using it:

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Thank you.

I take a look into that. The solution for using the remote looks similar to our approach. Put it into a group and observe the group state. The “Actor” deliveres two information to their system. “present” and “battery”. I am going to look into that a little deeper and try to adopt it for the current binding.

Thanks for your reply. In the video is he using all buttons. Isn’t it possible with only having present state? Our do they have 5 different present states?

I am afraid I cannot answer that. I am not very experienced with the Tradfri group part. Maybe @sourceror can help.

I implemented support for all Tradfri devices (Wireless Dimmer, Remote Control and Motion sensor) in the binding. But we are only able to detect present status and battery level. Reference:

Any news here? It would be nice to use this cheap remote controller.

It look like it is possible to pair the Ikea Tradfri Remote directly with the hue bridge to control hue lights. Than it should be possible to use this remote with openhab? Has anyone tried this already?

@chris, you mentioned to test the IKEA remote with the ZigBee binding.
Any success so far?

The most important information, how to get the thing to bind, can not to be found in the official manual but in the Using IKEA TRÅDFRI remote on Philips Hue system with bridge video posted above.

To get the remote into paring mode you need to press the pair button 4 times relatively quickly. The red LED blinks red shortly if you are successful. This was the case for me on firmware 11115720. Can I update the firmware without an Ikea gateway?

The remote is recognized as an Actor, so I can set the state of the switch, which does nothing.
But I don’t get any trigger from the remote.
If you are interested, I posted more details in a bug report.

But as we see in a video above, it is possible to use it in pimatic.

Not sure if any of you tried, but I want to use the remote without the Ikea Gateway, but with OpenHAB / my ZigBee controller directly.
I have opened a new bug report in the zigbee binding here:

Tried it via the way showed in the video and it works for me perfectly since months.

Needed about 10 times to connect the remote to the hue controller.