Transfer Nodes from one Controller to another?

a have a destroyes 500er ZWaveMe hat on my Pi4B. (I think I have another of same factory)
In advice that I dont like companys who sell hardware that would not survive I am thinkig about

AEON Z-Stick

I know the Backup of Z-Way and have seen that a Backup with Aeon is allso possible over Windows (VM ist ok)

So know I am searching about so meenings how I could transfer nodes from one Controller to the other without including them all manually (over hardware).

Z-Way should support master and slave controllers. Is there a senario I can use that for?

Greatings David

I doubt that is possible or sensible. What if one controller supports features the other does not? What if the the mesh relationships work out different (the controllers may not be at the same point in space, different aerials, etc.)

I had a Razberry hat that broke. I also have a spare one just in case. I also make a backup of the devices every week with the z-way-me software and restored them to a new z-way-me stick with another Raspberry PI. Everything worked after I stuck this new Razberry with the restored devices on the Raspberry PI I run OpenHAB on.

This does work. If you add a second controller to the first one. Z-wave supports this as well. If you do this with two z-wave-me installations. Unfortunately, OpenHAB does not cater for this out-of-the-box.

Can you give me more details, how do you think that could work. (And thanks for 1st Answer)

I you have a backup of the stick created with e.g. z-way-me (download z-way) from the expert mode ui. You can then restore this to another stick.

This works for razberry.

The serial port can only be used by either Openhab or zwave-me.
You have to stop Openhab:

sudo systemctl stop openhab.service

Then you can install or start zwave-me:

sudo /etc/init.d/z-way-server start

The expert mode can be accessed from a webbrowser: http://yourip:8083/expert
Then you can make or restore a backup and do other things such as including new devices.
When this is done you have to stop zwave-me and restart Openhab:

sudo /etc/init.d/z-way-server stop
sudo systemctl start openhab.service

After installing Zwave-me you should also prevent it from starting automatically when booting the Raspberry pi. I don’t remember how I did this.

Please take note that z-way only installs on 32 bit OS. I used a separate sd card with z-way just for that purpose.

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