AEON Z-Stick Gen 5 or UZB

Hi guys,

Recently i almost decided to buy a Z-wave controller and i say almost because i read here and not only, a lot of posts related to a lot of troubles regarding the integration of the Aeon z-wave stick with Openhab so there are two questions that i would like to ask:

  1. Does anyone know if the lost connection between the Z-wave controller and the sensors still persists? i read some articles in which after a wile you have to match again the controller with the sensors…

  2. What will you choose between AEON Z-Stick Gen 5 and UZB i would prefer the first one because its easier to match the sensors having that button but its more expensive the the UZB and does not support restoring a configuration so every time you need to start all over again!
    The UZB is smaller, doesn’t have the programming button but its cheaper and has a backup and recovery function.

I would like to buy a Fibaro dimmer 2 too together with the Z-wave stick.

Thanks in advance for any recommendation or opinion and i apologize if there are other topics like this one that i couldn’t find!


I have not tried the UZB stick but I have been using the AEON Gen5 stick for almost a year and have had zero problems with it. A big improvement on the original S2 version and the range seems a lot better as well. Highly recommend, my Z-Wave network never misses a beat.

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the Aeon does now have backup and recovery:

it’s Windows only, but worked fine for me on a Mac using a virtualised PC under VMware

Thanks for answers. I forgot to mention that I intend to use it together with a RPi 2! My fear is that in case of power failure to not start match everything all over again or simply without any kind of power failure to loose connection between sensors and controller?

can’t you pop it into a PC every few weeks for a backup?

… and you could even let that do by your RPi itself:

Sorry, I wasn’t clear - I meant popping the Aeotec zwave stick into a PC to back up the zwave network


Thank all for your answers.
So in your opinion the Z-wave stick gen 5 is better then the UZB stick.
Could you please tell me the right code of your controller? Couse I saw on the net some like ZW090 with C and without C or with the extension plus or lite and I’m a bit confused and afraid not buying the right one!
Dan what do you mean by popping in my PC once in a few weeks? I’m sorry but I don’t get you! You mean like making copies of all the config files?
Please note that I want to use it together with my RPi 2 which means Linux not Windows!
Looking for your answers!
Thanks all!

Just to have another opinion: I’m using the UZB since more than a year and have had no problem at all with it …

Oh! This is confusing!
Sihui and you are programing your devices from habmin? Now again i don’t know what to choose…
Could you all please give me the exactly codes of your devices?
What would be better for a newby like me? :slight_smile: probably you know, or not, but I have another long topic here about OH.

Thanks for patience :wink:

I think you already got the most important point:

For including a device the first time it is better to have the controller close to the device (that is even more important for battery operated devices).
If that is important to you, choose the Aeon.
With my UZB I have to temporary connect new mains powered devices to a power source near the controller and after successful including relocate the device to the final destination.
With the Aeon you just grab the controller, go to the location of your newly installed device and include it. At least that is what I have read about the Aeon …

What do you mean by that? Data from the controller? Okay, here you go:


Thanks, this is what I was asking for: “ZME_UZB1 Z-Wave Plus USB Controller” I meant the series of the controller :slight_smile:

So guys, I decide, I’ll buy this one “Aeotec Z-Wave Z-Stick, Gen5 (ZW090)” but I would like to be sure that this is the last model on the market, is it ok to have this series ZW090 with the extension “Plus”? Thanks!
I would like to ask those who have already play with Fibaro dimmer 2 if I have to replace my commun light switch on the wall (two positions: on/off) with this different one that I don’t know how to call it but I’ll try to describe it like it has only one position so when you press on the button and you hold your finger on the button it turns the device on and when you take off your finger the device is off. Hopefully I made my self understood :slight_smile: my concern is about the way of dimming the light from the wall switch installing Fibaro dimmer 2, knowing that you can do this thing from OH!

Thanks in advance.

Hi all, hope I’m not too late to contribute. I have both controllers and I have to say that they both seem to work fine. I did wonder whether the Aeon Labs Z-Stick might have a better range due to the physical size of the unit (and, presumably, a larger antenna) but I haven’t noticed a difference in performance at all in the 2 houses I’ve tested it in…
The lack of a button on the ZME_UZB1 for inclusion/exclusion really isn’t an issue because you can use the Aeon Labs IMA tool (download from which works with both controllers. So the ZME_UZB1 Z-Wave Plus USB Controller is currently around £25 against £52 for the Aeon Labs and (if it matters) more discreet. With neither units have I noticed any issue with the controller ‘forgetting’ about the sensors - I think in both cases, they are held in EEPROM so are completely non-volatile. I’ve been messing around with zwave and openhab for almost a year and have never had to re-program the controller unless I was deliberately removing a sensor from one controller and including the same sensor in another controller.

I think you’ll find its bigger to accommodate the battery. Most devices use the same chip antenna…

You can also do it directly in openHAB using HABmin.

Yes - this is the case for all controllers - the controller has to remember all the network settings, routing, etc…

Thanks guys for your replays. I already purchased a Zstick from Aeon Aotec labs gen 5 and I found it with Habmin help in the network. Now, I’m trying to connect my Fibaro dimmer 2 in the same network. The problem I have right know is that I don’t know for sure how to program this device with Habmin! In the wall I had a normal switch ON/OFF which I noticed that I have to replace it for my convenience with a toogle switch (like a ring bell)!
I found and I will try the eg posted on Github for Fibaro dimmer 2 but I think I will need more info about making rules or making it act like: long pressing on the wall switch will turn on the light to 30%, 50%, 80% etc. Another short press will turn the lights Off an so on, so you understand what i would like to do but i saw that it would be more easier with Home Center Contoll from Fibaro which i don’t have and i will need your help to make it work with my Aotec stick.
Tomorrow i’ll but a new switch with pulse buton and i’ll try ro integrate it in the network! After that, hopefuly i’ll manage to find the right solution to make it work as i wish. I saw some eg in which people use a toogle switch with two butons case in which one of the butons is used to dimm up the light and the other one to toogle down the light. I really don’t know what is the best way to make it work well but for the moment i tested it on a single bulb and presing once it is dimming up and presing again it is dimming down.
Thanks again all for the answers!

Whats up guys?
Just an update!
I managed to make my Fibaro dimmer 2 work just perfect for my needs using the Aeon stick gen 5 and using the eg on github and another eg found here I now have lighting scenes in my living room. The normal switch on the wall was replaced with a pulse one and now if I want to dimm the light using the wall switch I’ll make a long press and if I want to turn off/on a short press will suffice.
The zwave stuff even its expensive, it’s wonderful to work with, you forget all the programming stuff if you’re not in the field and you hit all your targets!
Thanks all for answers!
If anyone want my config pls pm me! It’s free but it’s a little bit complicated to be posted here at least right now!!

Pam Pam :slight_smile:

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Any updates on this topic? Im going to order a USB stick to use with OpenHab2 (is this topic v1?). Im choosing between Aeon and UZB, my goal is to switch from my current Fibaro HC2 to OpenHAB2.

Do I need a license for UZB? Since it´s 50% cheaper than Aeon I think I will go with UZB if there is no cons with it?

Going to run it on either my current NUC6 i5 with Ubuntu (or a Raspberry Pi 3 if I run into any problems with that machine)

No, not needed.

My two cents:
I have a Aeon usb stick Gen5, and just bought 6 Zipato RGBW2 LED lamps.
( All intended for outdoor use. )
I run Raspberry Pi 2 with a linux distro I installed, and Openhab on top of that.
The whole inclusion procedure was a nightmare that I spent most of the weekend with.

Part of the problem is the USB stick, part is openhab, part is Linux.

I wrote designations (numbers) on each socket to tell them apart.
You need to disconnect the USB stick for inclusion.
It didn’t make sense to do inclusion up on a ladder, so I tried to include them in a socket indoors.
Plug one in, press button, wait, next. Until all was in the stick.
Plugged the stick in but nothing.
Linux/ OH2 doesn’t recognise a disconnect of USB device , or a connect !!
So reboot.

  • Thanks OH2 for not startup automatically since last summer.
    So manual start start of OH after a complete reboot…
    All bulbs shows up as unrecognised devices!! Of course, they weren’t plugged in!
    So all have to be removed from OH, and excluded from the stick.

After a lot of experimenting I finally added one lamp at a time, with reboot in between
(remember the manual start of OH?)
And wait until OH and the lamp have agreed on what type of device it is.

Did the included lamps work or not?
To test that You have to establish a binding!
For me it would have made a lot of sense to be able to test a ‘thing’ by itself.
But both approaches made me have to wait for the web interface to start up.

  • For each lamp!

My recommendation:
Don’t buy a stick that demands you to remove the stick for inclusion.

Oh, yes, I’ve read all the forum notes that you can do it all in Habmin, but it didn’t work for me.