Translating everything that has to do with openHAB


openHAB might be something for me.
it’s complicated though, if people can read it in their own language then maybe a lot more people are interested in openHAB.
What do you think of creating a translation function in the website and the forum and the documentation and everything that has to do with openHAB, for example with google translate?
And what do you think if you make the forum in such a way that you can type in your own language and that it is translated into English and that the response can be translated into your own language?
When I open google in Firefox and search for openHAB and then click on translate this page, the page is different than if I just click on openHAB.
I find it useful if it can also be read in Dutch.

Hopefully thanks in advance for your response.
Good luck with openHAB.

Go right ahead :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response.

Maybe I can learn about openHAB.
I find openHAB complicated.
It can also be useful for the people who set it up if information can be in their own language.

Do you think it’s a good idea if everything or almost everything from openHAB can be automatically translated, for example by google translate, even the complicated stuff?
Hopefully yes.

in addition, there may also be some things that can be translated manually, if the automatic translation is not good enough.

have a nice day.


It might be useful if text is translated automatically,
I’ve typed some things before
do you (makers of OPENHAB) think these are good ideas or not?

If a lot or everything is automatically translated,
then maybe many more people around the world use OPENHAB,
and that’s helpful for me too.

Please respond.

What text do you mean?
We use Crowdin for translation where anybody can contribute…

I’ve written about that earlier in this topic.
If you’ve read this whole topic, and if you don’t understand it, will you explain to me what you don’t understand, if you don’t understand what?

maybe automatic translation is useful for anything related to OPENHAB.
If you wish, you can read this topic from the beginning.

have a nice day.

Sorry for not reading this topic from the beginning, but I really don‘t like your attitude responding to me. It sounds really rude.

There had been questions in the past about translating the website into different languages, which had been denied. Reason for that is the enormous effort to maintain different languages and we simply do not have the manpower for that.
Automatic translations will unfortunately not be sufficient for that either.
I don‘t know if there is a functionality in discourse to translate posting, but don‘t think so.
So the only way would be to use a translator your own.

Edit: I found a translator plugin for discourse, but using the translation service APIs will produce incalculable cost the Foundation cannot cover and we cannot charge anybody for using the community forum.

Sorry if you think I’m rude, maybe I should have put another text in the English language, it’s not nice if you think I’m rude. If you think I’m rude: SORRY, SORRY, SORRY.

Can you explain to me what the word discourse means?

Would it be a good idea to make the openhab website better with google translate?
When I open the openhab website in Firefox via google,
then that website is different compared to,
when i google openhab in firefox and when i click on translate this page.

And do you have an idea how in the openhab software the text can be translated automatically, if that is possible?

Do you have any tips/ideas about translating, which is free, for example via google translate?

Hopefully, thanks in advance for your response.

Hopefully you don’t find this text rude.

Have a nice day.

Discourse is the software we use for running the community forum.

As I already wrote, automatic translations can only be done via API access, which is not for free. Therefore we cannot implement such a thing. Not for the community forum and not for the website.

On the other hand, I have no idea why you get the different translation results.

Thanks for your response,

I can send one picture in a message,
please see more messages.

I can maybe explain something with pictures,
in firefox with google search for openhab:

click on translate this page:

clicking on something next to translate, (then ‘‘a bar’’ goes up and then more is visible):

in Firefox search for openhab with google, and just open the website, and don’t let it translate:

as you can see in the pictures,
is the website that has been translated,
different from the website that has not been translated.
On the website that has not been translated,
there are all kinds of words at the top that you can click on,
there are also some dots as background.
Would it be useful if you could make the website better with google translate?
Hopefully yes.

Have a nice day.

Sorry, no changes planned.

Edit: To be more precise, Google translation results may differ for every language and we cannot reformat the pages to suit all.

I’ve been trying to get something done with translation.
I may give up for now.
It’s a pity that people from openhab won’t improve anything on the translation of openhab soon.
I still hope the translation will be improved.

It might be an idea if I do/try to do things myself with google translate.

Thank you for your responses.
Good luck with openhab.

Have a nice day.

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