Trigger a puschbutton of a VMBGPOD (velbus)

(David Lagae) #1


Openhab is new for me, before i used Openremote.
About my question, I have a velbus network communicating over VMB1USB (with velserv) to VMB4RYNO and some glaspanels type VMBGPOD, VMBGP2,…

Before with Openremote I sended a trigger to a push button (CH1) of a VMBGPOD.
In velbuslink there are some actions programmed for that channel, for example CH1 set all glaspanels to “COMFORT” mode, or to “program1”.
Is it possible to send a trigger to a channel of a VMBGPOD with Openremote and read the status of statusled of that pushbutton?

I tried like this, but is not working.
Switch PB_Press “PB_Press” (gP) {channel=“velbus:vmbgpod:956cb640:69:input#CH1”}
Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gP “PushButtonPRESS” (Home)

Switch item=PB_Press

rule “PushButton of group gP”
Item gP changed
// waiting a second.
// Foreach-Switch-is-ON
gP.allMembers.filter( s | s.state == ON).forEach[i| // switching OFF sendCommand(i, OFF) ]


(Vincent Regaud) #2

First, please use the code fences.

rule “PushButton of group gP”
    Item gP changed
    // waiting a second.
    // Foreach-Switch-is-ON
    gP.allMembers.filter( s | s.state == ON).forEach[ i | i.sendCommand(OFF) ]

You had a comment in the line, therefore everything after that gets ignored
Do you use VS code to validate you code?

(David Lagae) #3

Ok i see,
It was correct, just a copy paste error.
// switching OFF
sendCommand(i, OFF)]

I use Visual Studio Code.

When i push on the PB_Press switch, i don’t see anything in the log viewer (frontail) and velbuslink logging.

(Vincent Regaud) #4

Which switch? Physical or sitemap?

(David Lagae) #5

The switch on Basic UI

(Vincent Regaud) #6

That is very odd!!
It should appear immediately in the log
Does VS code highlight any errors at all?
Did you restart OH, just in case

(David Lagae) #7

I will try to clarify a bit more.
For example
The red circle is a link to the channel of a pushbutton of a VMBGP4 (link not working)
The blue circle is a link to the temperature of the same VMBGP4 (link is working perfect)

How can i send a pulse to this input channel 4 (pushbutton)?
And is there a way to get the actual status of the statusled from that pushbutton?


(Stuart Hanlon) #8


I’m really sorry to say that the functionality you’re looking for doesn’t exist in the openHAB2 Velbus binding… Yet:wink:

Cédric has done some amazing (unfunded) work on this binding and I for one am truly grateful for his efforts.

He has communicated to me that he intends to continue adding functionality, as and when his personal work load allows him the time.

I hope this goes some way to explain the difference in functionality between openHAB2 functionality and what you have experienced within OpenRemote. (The platforms are intended for slightly different end users)

Best wishes,


(Stuart Hanlon) #9

Hi David

Just to clarify your screenshot.

The Red circled item is a “Trigger” which can be used in a rule…

channel 'velbus:vmbgp2:***********:AA:input#CH1' triggered PRESSED // Could be RELEASED or LONG_PRESSED

Whereas your Blue circled text can be linked to an Item and as such can be used in a rule thus


Item [Item Unique Name] changed // as an example


(David Lagae) #10

Vincent, Stuart,

Thanks for the reply’s, I hope that in the future there will be a solution, that would be a nice option.
Communication with VMB4RYNO is working perfect.
Bindings with Sonos, Velux and SamsungTV are also working great.

Best wishes,