Trigger HomeKit device


is there a way to trigger an homekit device from openhab, e.g. an elgato eve plug oder any other lights or plugs.

Regards, Markus

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Yes, there is a HomeKit addon:

yes, that’s what I already have found. Sorry, I’m looking for the other way round. Not exposing items to use them via homekit but including and using “pure” homekit-devices


I am sure the community is glad to help you, if any of the guys here experienced something similar, but as rude as it may seem, I have to ask: Does it have anything to do with openHAB?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @george.erhan,

thank you for your reply. Yes, it has to do with openhab as there are more and more devices that are buildt to be used with homekit, e.g. via bluetooth but do not have a kind of bridge that can be used to be integrated in openhab. In the end: is there a kind of binding / bridge to use these devices?

regards, Markus

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I must have misunderstood, could you explain how you want the devices exposed through the homekit bridge via openHAB?
The openHAB Homekit bridge has nothing to do with bluetooth btw! It afaik exposes the items with tags for homekit!

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What I am thinking about is to integrate a pure homekit device, let’s call it “ALamp”. ALamp is accessible in my home via homekit and also accessible from outside via Apple TV or iPad, being the homekit hub. It is connected to them over Bluetooth.
If now a rule is triggered and should switch on a light, ALamp should be switched on.
Is this possible in an easy way?

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The other way round is already “under control”. My homematic devices are exposed via homekit binding.

Any news on that? I would as well be interested in getting to read my elgato-eve-climate sensors within openhab, which sounds like exactly the same problem

I don‘t know. I did not investigate any further on this topic, but I am still interested in.

It is disappointing that there has been no movement on this. Being able to have OpenHab control HomeKit devices would be so useful. I don’t have/use Apple kit, but I do have a product that only supports HomeKit, so I’ve no way to control it other than via their own Android app (which is poor quality).

I really hope there is a way to get it working.

you can do this already, but not the other way around, like Markus wants it…

You can’t do this already. I want the same as Markus!

I don’t think you read what I said… I want OpenHab to control HomeKit devices… I’m aware that OpenHab can pretend to be a HomeKit device via a plugin, and therefore be controlled by Siri and iOS. But I’m not worried about that at all! I want OpenHab to be the heart of my home automation, and be able to control any device. Otherwise I’m going to have to figure out a really nasty fudge to make this work!

With more devices now supporting HomeKit, being able to have OpenHab directly control them would be incredibly helpful.


Is there any solution yet? I was wondering as well.

Hey guys,

any news on controling / triggering homekit devices directly from openHAB?

does not seem so … :frowning:

That’s a pity. There is also no progress on github :frowning:

So for the moment: is it possible to bind a Fibaro homekit (not z-wave) wall plug directly (without homekit) to openHAB?

Hi guys,

at the moment I use this workaround to switch my homekit wall plugs directly from openHAB:

  1. In openHAB create a virtual switch and use the switchable tag of the homekit bridge.

  2. In Home app on iOS create the following automation rules using this new virtual switch:
    virtual device on -> homekit device on
    virtual device off -> homekit device off

  3. Now I’m also able to assign this virtual switch to my Logitech Harmony home control button in order to switch the homekit wall plug directly with the remote control.


Sounds like a good workaround, but it increases complexity a lot. Thank you!!!

I just started looking into getting OpenHAB to connect directly to HomeKit compatible devices and found this thread. It looks like the landscape is the same. I’m tired of EcoBee outages (and having to re-auth the API key) and was hoping to control locally with HomeKit.

I haven’t looked into what they’re doing, but it looks like HomeAssistant has this working. I’d be curious to figure out how that works.

Has anyone found a better way to do this than the Logitech workaround mentioned above? It would be nice to support from the standpoint of HomeKit having to have the ability to do local control.