Trying to use Cometvisu through my.openhab


I’m using CometVisu as visualization on a touchscreen terminal in our house. That works pretty nice on local LAN. But if I try to connect from outside using my.openHAB I got the following error:

Cannot GET /comet/?config=foo

This sound like the same problem as mentioned (and fixed) here. So @belovictor, could you please add /comet/* a/o /cometvisu/* to proxy list? That would be great!

Thx a lot in advance and kind regards,


any news here? Would be great if this could be implemented!

Many thx in advance.

All my.openHAB users should have received an e-mail today, mentioning that you can now also use, which forwards any request directly to your instance at home - so no need anymore to ask for additional urls to be mapped. I hope your question is answered through this!


@Kai Do you mean, this ( should work?
Unfortunately it doesn’t for me. What am I doing wrong or has this changed since OH2?

PaperUI, BasicUI or ClassicUI for example work.

Thank you.

I have the same problem.