Trying to use HABmin2 through my.openhab


I’ve got my.openHAB set up and am able to connect to my local setup. When I go to I can see the splash page with the different apps/views. However when I click on HABmin I get the following error on the page:

> Cannot GET /habmin/index.html

Any ideas what’s wrong? I’d like to be able to use HABmin to amend/update my setup without necessarily having to be at home.


I think the url /habmin is simply not in the forwarding list of my.openHAB as it is no official part, right @belovictor?
Victor was working on a more generic url forwarding, but this has not yet been deployed.

Thanks Kai.

I assume the forwarding list is server side and there’s nothing I can do locally to get my.openhab to forward on?

Correct. The best thing you can do about it is to regularly poke @belovictor until he has changed it.

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I’ve added /habmin/* to proxy list, should work now!


could somebody add this also for the cometvisu?

best regards René