Tunable White LED Stripes with DMX not working

I bought a LED tunable white Stripe, a 24 channel DMX controller and a SACN IP DMX Multicast Gateway.

Stripe has 3 caples: 24V+, ColdWihite-, WarmWhite-
so I thought I have to use 2 channels.

But with a tunnable white thing, the stripe does not light up at all.
For debugging I created a RGB Thing (3 channels, 1 not connected)… the stripe works, brightness and temperature can be controlled by color picker. So stripe, gateway and controller are working, but not in the way it should from my point of view.

Has anyone here a tunable white stripe with dmx and tunable white thing up and running?
Is there a special trick?


Can you post examples of the DMX binding configurations that Work & Don’t Work ?

I’ve never used the tunable white DMX Thing, but everything that @J-N-K has created (that I’ve used) seems to be AMAZING, so I’d be very surprised if it didn’t work as expected.


Bridge dmx:sacn-bridge:myDMXbridge [ mode=“multicast”, localaddress=“”, universe=1 ] {
tunablewhite cwww_test1 [dmxid=“1,2”, fadetime=100, dimtime=100]
color rgb [dmxid=“1/3”, fadetime=100, dimtime=100 ]
dimmer dmx_channel_001 [dmxid=“1”, fadetime=1000, dimtime=10000, turnonvalue=“100”, turnoffvalue=“0” ]
dimmer dmx_channel_002 [dmxid=“2”, fadetime=1000, dimtime=10000, turnonvalue=“100”, turnoffvalue=“0” ]
dimmer dmx_channel_003 [dmxid=“3”, fadetime=1000, dimtime=10000, turnonvalue=“100”, turnoffvalue=“0” ]


Dimmer Test_01 “My test Item CW” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwww_test1:brightness_cw” }
Dimmer Test_04 “My test Item WW” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwww_test1:brightness_ww” }
Number Test_06 “My test colortemperature” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwww_test1:colortemperature” }
Dimmer Test_02 “My test Dimmer” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwww_test1:dimmer” }
Switch Test_05 “My test Switch” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwww_test1:switch” }
Dimmer Test_03 “My test brightness” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwww_test1:brightness” }
Color MyColorItem “My Color Item” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:color:myDMXbridge:rgb:color” }
Dimmer MyColorItem_r “My Color Item” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:color:myDMXbridge:rgb:brightness_r” }
Dimmer MyColorItem_g “My Color Item” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:color:myDMXbridge:rgb:brightness_g” }
Dimmer MyColorItem_b “My Color Item” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:color:myDMXbridge:rgb:brightness_b” }
Switch DMX_Switch_001 “DMX_Switch_001” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_001:switch” }
Dimmer DMX_Dimmer_001 “DMX_Dimmer_001” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_001:dimmer” }
Dimmer DMX_Ctempr_001 “DMX_CTEMPR_001” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_001:colortemperature” }
Switch DMX_Switch_002 “DMX_Switch_002” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_002:switch” }
Switch DMX_Switch_003 “DMX_Switch_003” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_003:switch” }
Dimmer DMX_Dimmer_003 “DMX_Dimmer_003” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_003:dimmer” }

I created the color thing and the dimmer things just for testing.
As I wrote above the only way to turn the stripe on is to select a color via MyColorItem.
For me it seems like only a HSBType send to the dmx controller is able to activate the stripe.

I don’t say the binding is the problem, maybe it is my hardware.But I did not find a way to debug yet.

The bindings seems to have no DEBUG log modus. I activated it in KARAF Console but there is no additional output. With Log Modus TRACE there is too much output :wink:

Any help is appriciated


What happens if you strip out everything and just create 2 individual single channel dimmers for channels 1 & 2

Can you set the levels of the channels that way?

If that works, strip those out and just create the tunable Thing.


Jan has created a great LTP approach to the DMX channel control.

If a single channel appears in more than 1 Thing, and the channel is adjusted, EVERY other THING that contains the DMX channel will go off.

I’ve been able to use that feature to create some fabulous UIs, but it ‘might’ be skewing your experiments.


You might want to remove the

turnonvalue=“100”, turnoffvalue=“0"

Sections too, as I think that’s for very specific DMX devices.

(For example, opening a shutter on a moving head fixture or Striking a discharge lamp)

Oh and more useful information.

DMX uses values from 0 to 255, so 100% = 255 (FF)

getting closer, this works ( at least a little bit :wink: ):

Switch DMX_Switch_001 “DMX_Switch_001” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_001:brightness” }
Dimmer DMX_Dimmer_001 “DMX_Dimmer_001” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_001:brightness” }
Dimmer DMX_Dimmer_002 “DMX_Dimmer_002” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_002:brightness” }
Switch DMX_Switch_002 “DMX_Switch_002” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_002:brightness” }

In first place I created the items not correct.

Dimmer DMX_Dimmer_001 “DMX_Dimmer_001” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_001:dimmer” }


Dimmer DMX_Dimmer_001 “DMX_Dimmer_001” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:dimmer:myDMXbridge:dmx_channel_001:brightness” }

But channel_001 activates both cold / white and warm white.
Might be a cable issue… since I am working remotely (with webcam to check result) right now I have to check that tomorrow.

While testing tunable white thing I found the following:

Documentation error:

TYPE ID colortemperature has to be color_temperature

DEBUG Error when dimming brightens_ww / brightness_cw

2019-05-29 21:56:56.641 [DEBUG] [nal.handler.TunableWhiteThingHandler] - command class org.eclipse.smarthome.core.library.types.PercentType not supported in channel dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwwwtest1:brightness_ww

If I toggle any dimmer from 0 to 100%, stripe stays off
If I toggle the switch, stripe is on. dimmer values are 100%

My test items

Dimmer Test_01 “My test Item CW” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwwwtest1:brightness_cw” }
Dimmer Test_04 “My test Item WW” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwwwtest1:brightness_ww” }
Number Test_06 “My test colortemperature [%.1f]” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwwwtest1:color_temperature” }
Dimmer Test_02 “My test Dimmer” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwwwtest1:brightness” }
Switch Test_05 “My test Switch” (VG_Test) { channel=“dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwwwtest1:brightness” }

enough for today :wink:

Also DEBUG Error as switch item with Type-ID brightness_cw / brightness_ww

2019-05-29 22:10:52.826 [DEBUG] [nal.handler.TunableWhiteThingHandler] - command class org.eclipse.smarthome.core.library.types.OnOffType not supported in channel dmx:tunablewhite:myDMXbridge:cwwwtest1:brightness_cw

Just a thought…

Would it be easier to set this up in PaperUI, rather than text files?

The bulk of my DMX stuff is done in PaperUI for ease.

The only text file stuff I’ve got for DMX is when I’m doing funky things to remotely control an instance of Jinx!