Jinx! LED Pixel control from openHAB

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As a result of seeing other people’s questions about controlling LED pixels or multiple DMX effects for architectural lighting or Christmas / Diwali events , I’ve discovered that it’s seriously easy to use the DMX binding to control Jinx!


Jinx! 2.4 Manual PDF

There are some AMAZING effects scripts for Jinx! here

Firstly I should say that I have a totally separate / physical LAN for Art-Net or sACN data, with the machine running Jinx! only having 1 lan port, connected via a dumb LAN hub.

I’ve got a major version of this running for a client with >5500 pixels around his house, using 3 instances of JINX! on one machine, all controlled from openHAB2.
So that he can start and stop chases at will using any of the hardware interfaces in his home.
Alexa, Google Assistant and (obviously for me) any of his Velbus buttons

So my openHAB2 controller has 2 LAN ports, one for the home network and the other (purely) to send Art-Net / SaCN data to Jinx!.

I activated the Jinx! remote control and assigned the Art-Net or SaCN universe to listen to, and turned on the AUTO option in the scenes window (to automatically crossfade to the newly selected scene)

Then added a handful of Things and Items in to openHAB2 to send out a Master Dimmer control and a single DMX channel to select the chase.

In theory it is completely possible to replicate the Jinx! scene control UI in openHAB, if you switch off the AUTO mode in the scene window in Jinx! and use the appropriate DMX channels to select LEFT and RIGHT scene and cross-fade.

For reference, here are the files.

I chose to get my head around the text file configuration in openHAB2 as I wanted to be able to copy and paste chases

The only thing you should need to change in order for this to work for you is the IP address of the machine running Jinx!

Things :

Bridge dmx:artnet-bridge:JinxBridge "JinxArtNet" [ mode="unicast", address="", universe=0 ] {
  dimmer JinxMaster  "Jinx Master Dimmer" [dmxid="7", fadetime=1000, dimtime=1000 ]
  dimmer JinxChaseChannel  "Jinx Chase Channel" [dmxid="1" ]
  chaser chase01 "Jinx Chase 01" [dmxid="1", steps="0:1:0" ] 
  chaser chase02 "Jinx Chase 02" [dmxid="1", steps="0:2:0" ] 
  chaser chase03 "Jinx Chase 03" [dmxid="1", steps="0:3:0" ] 
  chaser chase04 "Jinx Chase 04" [dmxid="1", steps="0:4:0" ] 
  chaser chase05 "Jinx Chase 05" [dmxid="1", steps="0:5:0" ] 
  chaser chase06 "Jinx Chase 06" [dmxid="1", steps="0:6:0" ]
  chaser chase07 "Jinx Chase 07" [dmxid="1", steps="0:7:0" ] 
  chaser chase08 "Jinx Chase 08" [dmxid="1", steps="0:8:0" ] 
  chaser chase09 "Jinx Chase 09" [dmxid="1", steps="0:9:0" ] 
  chaser chase10 "Jinx Chase 10" [dmxid="1", steps="0:10:0" ] 
  chaser chase11 "Jinx Chase 11" [dmxid="1", steps="0:11:0" ] 
  chaser chase12 "Jinx Chase 12" [dmxid="1", steps="0:12:0" ] 
  chaser chase13 "Jinx Chase 13" [dmxid="1", steps="0:13:0" ]
  chaser chase14 "Jinx Chase 14" [dmxid="1", steps="0:14:0" ] 
  chaser chase15 "Jinx Chase 15" [dmxid="1", steps="0:15:0" ] 
  chaser chase16 "Jinx Chase 16" [dmxid="1", steps="0:16:0" ] 
  chaser chase17 "Jinx Chase 17" [dmxid="1", steps="0:17:0" ] 
  chaser chase18 "Jinx Chase 18" [dmxid="1", steps="0:18:0" ] 
  chaser chase19 "Jinx Chase 19" [dmxid="1", steps="0:19:0" ] 
  chaser chase20 "Jinx Chase 20" [dmxid="1", steps="0:20:0" ]


Switch JinxMasterMute "Jinx Master Mute" { channel="dmx:artnet-bridge:JinxBridge:mute" }

Number JinxChaseChannel "Jinx Chase Channel" { channel="dmx:dimmer:JinxBridge:JinxChaseChannel:brightness" }
Number JinxChaseChannel256 "Jinx Chase Channel as 256"
Dimmer JinxMaster "Jinx Master" { channel="dmx:dimmer:JinxBridge:JinxMaster:brightness" }
Switch JinxChase01 "Jinx Chase 01" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase01:switch" }
Switch JinxChase02 "Jinx Chase 02" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase02:switch" }
Switch JinxChase03 "Jinx Chase 03" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase03:switch" }
Switch JinxChase04 "Jinx Chase 04" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase04:switch" }
Switch JinxChase05 "Jinx Chase 05" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase05:switch" }
Switch JinxChase06 "Jinx Chase 06" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase06:switch" }
Switch JinxChase07 "Jinx Chase 07" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase07:switch" }
Switch JinxChase08 "Jinx Chase 08" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase08:switch" }
Switch JinxChase09 "Jinx Chase 09" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase09:switch" }
Switch JinxChase10 "Jinx Chase 10" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase10:switch" }
Switch JinxChase11 "Jinx Chase 11" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase11:switch" }
Switch JinxChase12 "Jinx Chase 12" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase12:switch" }
Switch JinxChase13 "Jinx Chase 13" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase13:switch" }
Switch JinxChase14 "Jinx Chase 14" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase14:switch" }
Switch JinxChase15 "Jinx Chase 15" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase15:switch" }
Switch JinxChase16 "Jinx Chase 16" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase16:switch" }
Switch JinxChase17 "Jinx Chase 17" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase17:switch" }
Switch JinxChase18 "Jinx Chase 18" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase18:switch" }
Switch JinxChase19 "Jinx Chase 19" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase19:switch" }
Switch JinxChase20 "Jinx Chase 20" { channel="dmx:chaser:JinxBridge:chase20:switch" }

I have added a rule that reads back the chase channel % value and converts it back to a 256 value to confirm that the right channel is in use.

To take it a step further, I created a rule that steps through the chases when a power socket is ON in my house. (The socket powers other lights)

var int XmasInterval = 10
var int XmasSteps = 0
var Timer XmasTimer = null
var double Val256 = 0
var double chaseval = 0

	rule "Convert percent to 256"
		Item JinxChaseChannel changed

		JinxChaseChannel256.postUpdate(256 * JinxChaseChannel.state as Number)

rule "Step sequence"

     Item LoungeGreenSocket changed from OFF to ON
	XmasInterval = 400


     XmasTimer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(XmasInterval))
 			if(XmasSteps == 0){

 				XmasSteps = 1
 			}else if(XmasSteps == 1){

 				XmasSteps = 2
 			}else if(XmasSteps == 2){

 				XmasSteps = 3
 			}else if(XmasSteps == 3){

 				XmasSteps = 4
 			}else if(XmasSteps == 4){

 				XmasSteps = 5
 			}else if(XmasSteps == 5){

 				XmasSteps = 6
 			}else if(XmasSteps == 6){

 				XmasSteps = 7
 			}else if(XmasSteps == 7){
 				XmasSteps = 8
 			}else if(XmasSteps == 8){

 				XmasSteps = 9
 			}else if(XmasSteps == 9){

 				XmasSteps = 10
 			}else {

 				XmasSteps = 0


rule "Timer Stop" when
     Item LoungeGreenSocket changed from ON to OFF
 	if(XmasTimer !== null){
 		XmasTimer = null



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