Controlling RGB led strips with effects


I’m looking for a solution for driving RGB led strips with effects from openHAB. Currently I have several RGB leds strips (APA102/WS2812) controlled by an ESP8266 over MTTQ. These controllers all run some home made sketch to set the strip (or parts) to a color, optionally with a fade effect. This works, but I’d like to extend it a bit, so it’s also possible to have some fancy light effects or have it react to audio for example.

I thought it might be possible to use something like the ESPixelStick, which makes the ESP8266 into an E1.31 device (DMX over ethernet). But I’d still need something to drive the effects, preferably with an API that can be called by openHAB. So far I’ve found LedFX and the Audio Reactive LED Strip project, but they seem to lack an API.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I’m currently using WLED. Can be controlled via the usual MQTT, HTTP and JSON, but there are also some others. They can also communicate with each other via UDP, so it’s possible to change one and the others will follow. Might be worth a look?

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Have you looked into the dmx binding?


Thanks for the suggestions! Trying WLED now, might use it together with the DMX binding (using E1.31).

How did you go setting up the led strips? There is now a beta wled binding ready for testing. See here.

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If you’re considering Art-NET or sACN (E31.1) and depending on just how many addressable LEDs you’ve got.

These threads might be of interest

Or an MQTT based solution

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