Led Strips Controlled with OpenHAB2

I think those lights are only infrared controlled, I bought some a few days ago thinking they would work, but havent got round to trying them yet

here is my thread for this ( OPTION 2) setup - works pretty well with OH and ALEXA ( and Magic Home App )

A LED strip and a $2 ESP01 is all you need. you will need to reuse tx or rx pins for the third GPIO This would be the cheapest route if you are familiar with microcontrollers.

Or if you prefer less tinkering but still save money:
ESP01 + this


that is a very interesting link, Not sure what the L375 chip does.
Use might be a bit limited as it is meant for a lipo battery. and may be only suitable for a limited number of neopixels
The ESP-01 is indeed very suitable for Neopixel projects,
The ESP01 plus this board would also make a Wemos a good competitor… but yes you’ d still have to add a connector.
Anyway, tnx for the link, lots of interesting stuff at ali

Hi, Did you or anyone try out the inStyle wifi adapter? I have that adapter and inStyle receivers but so far I have not got it to work with openhab. It works using Easylighting ap. I tried the Wifi LED binding and all the protocols but no luck.

Hi all

In case anyone finds this topic because they are looking for ways to control multiple LED pixels (or other fixtures), I thought I’d put a link to a topic I have just created which offers a way to control some lighting control software called Jinx!

Is it an ESP inside the controller?

Yes it is, as I mentioned, it runs Sonoff-Tasmota firmware.

“reprogrammed with the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware. In addition to the dimmer/controller

Sorry - just to confirm.

You had a re flashed controller.
An external DC power supply to provide the power for the LEDs.
Did you use another device?

I did not understand how that controller connects to the LEDs
I guess you only need to use “W” and not “R/G/B”

Did you take a photo of the inside of the controller? Did it already have a programming header or was there a way to flash the TASMOTA bin over the air?


I only have an external DC power supply for each of the H801s I have, no other devices.

I simply treat all channels provided by the H801 as independent channels, i.e., I connect each LED strip to a channel (R, G, B, CW or WW, it doesn’t matter) and set the “color” so all channels are set to the same level.

Here is a useful page with pictures from the Sonoff-Tasmota wiki:

There are through holes provided for a programming header. I soldered a header into the provided holes and performed the initial programming via that header. After the initial programming with Sonoff-Tasmota firmware, the device can be programmed OTA.

Cool. I have experience to do that sort of thing, just was not sure if this devices was ESP based.

I bought a couple of these kits and would like to make them work with OH2. Do I just need to get some sort of transceiver?




It would have been better to buy the sets with wi-fi capability. They are usually advertised with being able to be controlled with a smart phone app.
A key word to include in a google search would be LD686 (the controller).
You can easily control these from openHAB using this binding.

Thanks, Tom.
In doing some more research, I discovered these are analog strips. I bought them at Lowe’s (it was a kit with a remote control). I wasn’t thinking about OH controlling them until after the fact. I was also looking at soldering wires to the 5 leads on the strip so that I could wire it to something, if needed.

I picked up the following kit thinking I would be able to link it to OH. I think I goofed. The module works well, but I’m trying to find a way to link it to OH. My router sees the module, but OH doesn’t appear to see it.

If it turns out nothing else can be done and it works with IFTTT and you don’t mind a bit of integration you could allow a dummy variable through for IFTTT to turn off / on in OH and run rules from there.

That set up may well work.

Have you completed the following steps:

Set up the wifi on the ‘Magic Home’ smart phone app?
Installed the openHAB wifi-LED binding?
Using PaperUI, searched for things using the Wifi-LED binding?

Hi Tom,

I haven’t used the wifi-LED binding. I didn’t realize it was compatible. I did set up the Magic Home app and it works fine. I’ll try the binding tonight.


Hi Tom,

I tried your idea and it worked beautifully! Even my wife was impressed. :wink:

Thank you very much.

Todd :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Just one thing. There was a bug with the binding and that meant that when you restarted openHAB, it would not retain the wifi-LED thing settings but would give them arbitrary values so things would not work.

If you find this happening, delete the things from PaperUI and create the things file manually. Things files go in the Things configuration folder.

Example Thing file for a wifi LED controller:

Thing wifiled:wifiled:60019495672B "LED_CONT_LIB" @ "LIBRARY" [ ip="", port=5577, pollingPeriod=30, protocol="LD686", driver="FADING", fadeDurationInMs=10, fadeSteps=1 ]