[Tutorial] Accessing VS Code through a browser

2GB is not sufficient?

That might be sufficient but I’ve noticed running Code Server myself on a VM that I had to bump the RAM up to 4 GB to get decent performance. I bet 2.5 or 3 GB might be sufficient. And as always YMMV and it depends on what else you have running. But I find that an RPi 3 with 1 GB RAM is pretty much fully loaded with an openHABian install already. Adding another service that requires 1 GB all by itself is going to cause problems.


hmm, My VS-Server is running on a ubuntu LX-container with 512MB ram and I don’t feel any lag/delay, even though my openhab config is at least medium in size.

I would think adding VS Server as an option would be good, in addition to all the other optional features openhabian is offering, like grafana, influxdb, FIND, etc…

Installing “all” of them might bring your device to a limit, but then again, openhabian as the central tool, good “warn” the user.

does a PR has to be a working prototype or can it be as simple as an idea?

For an idea you can file an issue. A PR is working cure ready to be merged.

If you really want this to happen, you should submit a PR which needs to be a working prototype. You can submit the idea but there is no guarantee that anyone will do anything about just an idea.

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